Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Swap Beginner to Expert join in have fun

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by synister370, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. synister370

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    ill let you know as soon as they arrive..
  2. synister370

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    got them! damn these look nice..your gonna have to get me that recipie i want to tie p a bucnh my self in brown and black
  3. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    got them! chandler clark egg sucking leeches
  4. flybill

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    Glad you like them!

    Very easy, basically this pattern on a tube with a cone head instead of a tungsten bead. If I could have found a tungsten bead to fit the tube, I might have used it, but since the tube weighs less than a hook, it should ride / jig fine.

    Hook: 5263BL Size 8 2XL
    Bead: Black Tungsten 5/32
    Tail: Rabbit Strip the Length of the hook shank
    Body: Rabbit dubbing brush, change density of brush for more or less buoyancy

    I used HMH tubing, small, and the corresponding junction tubing and a size 6 straight eye tube fly hook. I fished a black one today and it looked great in the water!!

    The trick is the dubbing brush, since you remove the hide from the rabbit or whatever fur you choose to use.

    I'll take a pic of the black one, unless you want to post a pic of the ones I sent in.

    Bill :cool:
  5. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    you should have mine by now
  6. xdog

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  7. whats up all... can we get an update. im heading back east on the 21st would love to egt these flies before i get back. wondering if everyones flies have been recieved. Not that it matters i run the bead the majority of the time. maybe a glo bug. rarely anything else. except maybe a balck stonefly. haha anything i can do to speed this up?

  8. Cool Made it this time.
  9. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    deep breath relax..i just recieved x dogs..

    i have yet to recieve zach said you were making a shrimp version??
  10. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    maybe you should double check cuz i deffinitly sent them out a long time ago. but whatever if they arent there leave me out cuz if they didnt come yet then UPS probably lost them or something. i tied a white mysis shrimp pattern on a size 8 hook
  11. synister370

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    let me double check i was in vegas for the week......

    wife got the mail......
    ill let you know

    i wil get everything organized to have in the mail by monday
  12. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    got the shrimps...

    all the fly shoudl to be you guys shortly

    looks like chen c hosed us
  13. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    you got mine now? wait chan C hosed us? what does that mean cuz i know he sent his flies i was there when his mom took them to the post office
  14. synister370

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    nope...nothing ever came from chen c....POSITIVE ON THAT ONE

    all the flies are in mail and on there way..

    i took the one that was suppose to go to chen c and droped an extra one in each others bag..
  15. Mine aren't hear yet. Did you send them via the Cincinnati- Pittsburgh trail?:confused:
  16. Ed Call

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    Have not seen mine either, but I live a bit further and the weather has been poor.
  17. synister370

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    they all have been sent guys....
  18. mine got sent to my address in montana and am in ct so i cant give an update whether or noth they have been recieved. either way anyone been fishing on the tibs? Im headed up for 7 days. cannot wait. GAME OVER, was looking forward to trying out your guys ties. Instead I am regifting them to my pops who gets to fish often there. It was a lot fo fun doing this swap.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the kilowatt i tied on the jig hook.

    IF anyone wants the recipe pm me or just ask on the thread.

    it is a great fly to swing or dead drifted under an indie.good luck with them

    happy holidays all,
  19. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    im confused Chan C is chandler clark and he tied the egg sucking leeches
  20. xdog

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    I recieved mine yesterday although yesterday was the first day we have got mail in about five days because of snow and the holidays.

    There are some really nice ties in there not to mention a grand variety. I was surprised to see some of what look to me to be some very small patterns. I amazed that they will attract hook and hold a Steelhead. I would also enjoy hearing how these small flies are fished. This is however part of the fun because my perspective is anything smaller than a #1 looks small to me for Steelhead as I usually fish size 2/0 or larger as a rule. I especially liked the DT Eggs pattern tied by hedburner and the Kilowatt by chuckngear.

    I would like to thank everyone who participated and especially thankyou synister370 for hosting.

    Tight lines gentlemen.