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  1. Seth Tyson Active Member

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    After My last adventure on the Klikitat, I've decided I need a new rod- as my largest as of now is a 5wt. Recently moving to WA from VA, I am fishing waters much bigger than I am used to. I am struggling to chose between a switch or a single hand (both Scotts and 7wt). I frequently fish the NF of the CDA and the Spokane, but also want something drift compatible.

    I don't want to get a switch and find its too big for smaller rivers and drifting, or get a single hand and find I cant achieve needed range when wading.

    Oh the perplexities of being married with children and no large disposable income.....
  2. PT Physhicist

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    I have an 8wt IMX, and reel to fit, if you decide you want to get rid of $250 or so...
  3. Seth Tyson Active Member

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    Thanks for the offer PT, but ive became hooked on scotts L2H or an A4.
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    I would suggest keeping your five weight for the north fork and save up for a switch rod for the Spokane. I have never felt the need nor have I even brought my switch to the nf. A light weight switch would be OK there, but a single would be better in my opinion.
  5. Seth Tyson Active Member

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    Thanks Garret. I plan on my 5 still being my primary around here. I just Want, nay, need a bigger rod for when I go for steel or larger targets.
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  6. jake-e-boy Banned or Parked

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    10' 7wt would be good for Spokane, and nymphs on St. Joe, Tucannon, GR
  7. Guy Gregory Active Member

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    My old Sage 7100 is a dandy rod for big water, big wind, or big fish: Clark Fork, Ronde, Deschutes, etc. Single hand, handy, and I lined it with a Rio multi-tip. That is cheatin', it throws those lines multobene.

    I agree with your approach. I've used a 9 1/2' 4 wt. for most fishing, and saved the 7100 for steelhead/big wind areas. Buy a blank, it's more fun to make your own. And you can keep your wife and kids happy.
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  8. William Wallace Active Member

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    Guess my question would be are you going to be trout? steelhead/salmon? Then I could answer from there.

    Also, do you just single hand or have you DBL before? spey or switch?

    There is nothing wrong with single hand for steelhead/salmon, just more info to know to assist you in your quest for Washington fishery!!!

    I use both dependent on where I am fishing, meaning the rivers and location. Again, there is nothing wrong with single hand for steelhead. With the correct rod and line you can go anywhere. Fish floating, sink tips, indicator, so the best question is where are you more likely to fish? I see you say Spokane, fishing trout 4 or 5wt, nothing wrong with your sage for steelhead.

    Fished the St. Joe a lot and a 5wt for trout is awesome, big dries and big stones works great! Agin now steelhead, that Sage is awesome!