Great Time of the Year for Searuns

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Went out the other day in MA9. Found some Cuts(I think) jumping. I was using one of Leland's popper type that I tyed up. Got many hits but no hook ups. I tyed up a few shorter poppers that I will try my next time out. I had heard that the popper was a good search fly so after a few hits I went to a few different patterns no hits on anything. Went back to the top water popper and they started jumping on it again.
  2. Well had a good day. 3 hours of fishing, 4 to hand. I picked up a 14 foot clear sinking tip. I love it. It was punching through the wind no problem. Glad to see my winter months are going to be that much more enjoyable. It makes me kinda regret buying my skagit set up. I can't bring myself to go stand in the cold on one of the S rivers to catch i fish ever couple days, which for me are very few and far between.

  3. I hate doing this cause I really dont want to sound like a dick, but try to keep the cutts off the rocks, they're our friends.:)
  4. The weather was great, maybe too great, for the salt this morning. Spent a few hours slinging a popper and ended up with one rezzie to show for it. Many fish jumping early on and then it tapered off, then fish started jumping again. Had the pleasure to meet up with Steve on a local beach and enjoyed the conversation. Obviously, I guy that can teach you a lot. I look forward to seeing him again.

    The very high tides this past week really changed the beaches, especially the drift wood. Moved a lot of it much further up the beach.

    Gotta love a decent beach close to work & home.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to ya all. As for me, on to cooking for the next couple of days.

  5. Greetings all,

    After reading all of the recent posts, I decided to get my lazy butt out of the house. Had a great day at a beach I have not fished in about 2 years. Have no idea what I have been thinking. I saw several fish jumping during my time there. Even had one attack a popper, however there was no hook up. I did manage to bring 4 to hand, several other bumps and brief hook ups. I managed to forget about the rain for a bit.

    P1000796.JPG P1000798.JPG
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  6. Nice looking fish. Nice and fat. You can go back and set on your Butt for 2 more years. You need to leave a few for me as I can't seem to catch a cold lately. I guess I'm a woosy this cold weather really gets to me.
  7. Great looking fish. I have't got into any that fat in a long time. I need to learn some new beaches I guess. ;)
  8. Well I stand corrected. Got into a really fat cut about 20ft out today on a chartreuse spider pattern. I'll get pics up later. I also brought a couple 8in fish to hand with some Kreelex patterns, which seem to be really productive. All that in about 1:45. Pretty good for an early morning in West Seattle.
  9. That does sound good, what/who is a Kreelex pattern?
  10. They are essentially Clouser Minnows constructed with all flash, but a tad different. Initially tied for small mouth but I've heard that guides in Montana are having lots of luck chasing browns with them. They were invaluable when I was living in VA. I remembered the pattern the other night and threw a couple together. Steve I probably owe you at least a couple!

  11. Great local shop in VA, check out their site
  12. The one I tie up are much sparser and kind of a Clouser Kreelex hybrid. Hope all enjoy the pattern. Merry Christmas !!!
  13. Good pattern man, I like it. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Also got a nice fatty. Probably the thickest SRC I've caught. Didn't even get a look until I went smaller and sped up the retrieve. Nothing like having the beach all to yourself on Christmas Eve! There's some great fishing out there right now. Happy Holidays! photo.JPG photo.JPG
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  15. Wow. That's a nice fatty.
  16. Very nice.
  17. Well another beautiful day in MA9 yesterday afternoon until the wind came up off shore that is. Man that was cold. Got in about 1 1/2 hrs not a single take. It was sure nice to be back out in the water after a 10 day visit from my daughter and grandson.
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  18. Outstanding fish, gents; well done!

  19. We radio tagged a number of cutts a few years ago to track them. Many of them regularly travel fifty miles here in the south end.
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  20. Really? Wow. Was there a pattern in their movement?

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