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  1. Last night I tied up some pink clousers with some flash and peacock on the sides, hoping to trick some salmon in the salt. This morning I decided to give the beaches another shot after being skunked in my last 4 attempts to land a salmon under the Narrows. I tried a new spot that didn't have any other fisherman but heard from a friend it produced some fish. 10 minutes into fishing, I feel a huge tug on my 8wt and after a small fight, landed a beautiful coho, hen. Took longer to hike the beach than catch a fish.

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  2. Sweet fish
    Was that in area 11?
  3. South Sound
  4. Saw bigger fish jumping and rising. One coho must have been 15 pounds and looked like a buck. Wish he was jumping a little closer in.
  5. Nice work. Having grown up down there the Narrows used to be one of my favorite places to fish.
  6. It's being really slow this year so far. The fish are pushing the other side of the Narrows from what I can see.
  7. The whole south sound coho fishery in general has been on a steady decline for a number of years. I'm glad I got to fish it starting in the 60's. MA 13 still can produce some great fishing days, but it isn't nearly as steady as it used to be.
  8. Thanks
    I hooked a nice coho on the, rigger at telephone eddy which is N of pt Evans
    Drifted thru with a fast sinking line and tube afly to no avail
    So there are some fish on that side
    Redondo sounds hot
    Has anyone hit dumb ass bay?

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