Great weekend at the NW Fly Tyers Expo

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Had a great weekend at the show. Had a lot of interest at the PHWFF booth, mostly over the boat lol.

    I can honestly say I had a fantastic time. This older dog learned some new tricks. Refreshed my love of tying speys and atlantics. Saw some old friends, met some new ones, and will definitely be going back next year.

    0309131002.jpg 0309131020.jpg 0309131020b.jpg 0309131317.jpg 0309131414.jpg

    It was touching they left Harry Lemires tying station set up with his tying gear. . 0308131048.jpg
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  2. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Very nice! Had hoped to make it down this year, but wasn't able too... next year!
  3. Dblhaul Member

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    Was there for a few hours this morning, saw a lot of friends. Sorry I missed you Jerry.
  4. Paul Huston Swinger

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    Right on.
    Looks fun. Count me in for next year.
  5. GAT Active Member

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    Sorry I didn't make it over. There were a lot of folks I wanted to meet in person... including you, Jerry. During the 22 years I did attend, I always picked up a trick or two from the plethora of fly tiers... it's overwhelming -- so many great fly tiers, you just can't watch them all.

    Hopefully, I'll show up next year.
  6. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    That was a very thoughtfull and touching gesture to have Harry's tying station set up. TC
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  7. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    It was a great show again this year. Always nice to sit and tie for folks, answer a few questions and talk fly fishing. Always good to see PHW so well represented. Had to come by and touch the boat....oh, and say hello to you and Chuck.
  8. Bill Aubrey Active Member

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    I had a great time, as always. The Oregon Council does a first class job. I was there all day, both days, and had a chance to visit with lots of old friends and pick up some nice tips from tyers. And a sweet little fiberglass custom. The Washington Expo will be coming up May 3rd and 4th in Ellensburg; hope to see a lot of you guys there. Jerry, it was great finally meeting you in person.
  9. weiliwen Active Member

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    That is a beauty of a boat - can you tell me a little about it? I now live in Chicago, too far away to have attended this expo, but am looking for a classy and classic wooden boat to use around here.
  10. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Graham, WA, USA.
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    You're probably closer to picking up one where you're at now then anyone in the NW. It's a Rangeley boat out of the NE. It was built from 100% donated materials for NW PHWFF by Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers. They did an outstanding job building the boat for us. We even brought some of our soldiers up to help with the build (though it was primarily done by OPFF). It truly is a show piece, and brings people to the booth.

    Was nice meeting a few of you this weekend. Man, I met a TON of people in general. Next stop is the Ellensburg FFF show for this kid. :)
  11. Shawn West Active Member

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    I, too, had a fantastic time at the Expo. Cuddos to the hard working folks that put that show together. I salute all of the people that volunteered their time to make this such a wonderful event. I got to see a lot of folks I have not seen in a year. I also got to meet a lot of new people. One thing I was hoping to do was to get help taking my deer hair tying to the next level. Fortunately for me, one of the best in the country was tying this year. It took Chris Helm less than twenty minutes to correct my deer hair stacking dilemma. I am now very satisfied with my stacked colored bass bugs. Chris was very helpful. I find that is the case with all of the tiers at this event. I can not wait to go again next year.

  12. Dottiesdad Member

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    It was magnificent! Learned a lot and had some great conversations.
  13. Bill Aubrey Active Member

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    That damn "really nice" rod followed me home. A beauty built by Terry Turner.