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  1. I took advantage of the mild evening at launched my tube into green lake. I fished it earlier in the week in a squall and got skunked. Yestarday i managed afew small rainbows trolling a burnt orange seal bugger on an intermediat line. Suprised to see a fair amount of chrinomids on the water. Saw something huge jump 4 times in a row. Probably a carp. Not a bad outing for being right in the city. Was the only one fishing.
  2. I used to live a few blocks away and fished it quite a bit one spring. It should get better later in the month and into May (after they plant it some more). I'm sure the big fish you saw was a carp, the lake is full of them. That lake has a little bit of everything though, so you never know...
  3. Nice report Ryan. I am sure though that you weren't the only one fishing the lake. There are new Americans and old timers bait fishing the lake daily and sometimes overnight. In past spring time, I've hooked into carp trolling an olive bugger with type 4 full sink line from a belly boat. Keep doing it and you'll feel the power of the poor man's bonefish.
  4. I was the only one I saw fishing at any rate. I drove buy yestarday and saw about a dozen folks bank fishing off of the 99.
  5. Heard that they stocked Green Lake w/ Triploids yesterday. Went out this morning and got skunked. Saw one Russian with 2 small trout but that was about it. Seems that everyone is waiting for the truck to dump more fish into the lake.
  6. If you had 10 or 20 guys trolling in their toons, somebody will get something. If it bites thru your leader right after the take, you will have to gear up to steel leader and troll back over that spot. If everyone had a gps, you could coordinate takes until you zeroed in on your targets by species. Right in the middle of downtown. How cool is that.
  7. Don't get you hopes up too much. Green Lake will only get 750 trips this year.
  8. It would be cool to figure out tiger muskie and 750 is plenty. I'm just too cheap to waste the gas from Synnwood to Greenlake.

  9. From my days it was SINwood ....Hair with extra conditioner...but that was the old rock band days of Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, and White Snake :confused: :rofl::beer2:
  10. FYI - The tiger musky program on Green Lake has been discontinued for several years now. There might be a few still cruising around, but they'll be dying of old age any time now.
  11. I fished Green Lake off the pier this week. I've had luck catching triploids and small plants with bloodworms and chromers believe it or not. Until I get to those geat destinations, this urban fishery is like practice putting at the golf range.
  12. nice! I just can't bring myself to go fishing there. It's only 2 minutes from the house but after growing up around here it just seems weird to me.
  13. Any time relaxing on the water is better than not relaxing at all :beer2:
  14. iagree

    Why not improve your ff skills if its convenient?

    Fishing requires three things - time, money, and fish. If your short on one of the first two "to really get out" - there is no shame taking advantage of the closest opportunity.

    If your targeting the same fish as somewhere else, the only difference is scenery. If most of us are doing catch and release anyway ... I say go for it.
  15. Fished Greenlake on Saturday afternoon by myself and Sunday morning with a buddy. Fishing from pontoon boats. Other than the craziness of skulling boats and pumping music from shore, it was a great two days of fishing.

    Saturday fished from 11:00 to 4:00 pm. Had a ton of takes on a black wolley, landed one nice 15 incher. I pumped the stomach and found a TON of huge red chronies. So I tied on a huge red chronie behind an olive carey and started nailing them. The little planters couldn't get enough. Lost count of how many landed. Bite went on from 2:30 to 4pm.

    Sunday was a bit of a different story. Fished with buddy from 8:30 to 1pm. Trolled around the same set up as Sat with very little success. Landed only a few each until around 11:45. Switched to chronomid fishing and it went off again. This time however, we were catching 14-17 inchers one after the other for an hour straight. Fished 5 feet deep, with large chrome chronie with a large red chronie with white head as dropper. Really nice fish, and we even got a couple of applauses from the peanut gallery on shore.

    All in all a really nice couple of days fishing an urban lake. It is what it is, but hey, saving gas and catching nice fish is hard to beat these days!!

    Tight lines,
  16. wow that sounds like some good fishing
  17. I swear this lake gets overlooked!
  18. I agree, everytime I go and fish it, I rarely see more than one or two others fishing the lake (other than the plunkers from shore). I've had some pretty good days out there and its so darn close and easy to get to. Just to be sure however, I would never keep anything from this lake. I'm a Senior Fisheries Scientist here in Seattle, I keep my eye on the heath of the area very closely! One of these days I'm going to target the thousands of carp in the lake. They were EVERYWHERE this weekend!!

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