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  1. Just checking to see if people have fished Green Lake and what they would suggest in using. I live a few blocks away and really haven't seen much in terms of fly fishing there.


  2. Your standard buggers, chironomids and dries will work for the trout. Carey Specials work well too.

    The best part about that lake is you never know what's going to eat your fly. I've caught browns, carp and rainbows out of there.

  3. Wayne is gonna need a bigger net!
  4. The worst part was I had to borrow that net from my friend who was fishing with me that day. It definitely made things more interesting, but at least it got the job done.
  5. I used to run around greenlake every night and I've seen a dead carp around that size washed up on the shore and once over by the boat rental place saw a few keyed into some kind of hatch. They were swirling around sipping flies in about three feet of water. Big carp are definetely in there. I'm not exactly sure what areas of the lake will hold more carp than others though. I've been wanting to swing a wooly bugger down deep and work around that island though.
  6. when the weather gets a little warmer out next month you will see the golden ghost moving around the skinny water as for duck island deep i would have wire leaders on the end of your line...... due to the T.M s
  7. There's a prolific midge hatch early every morning when you might catch some of the browns and put n' take bows.

  8. Thanks for the info...I'll be out trying for my first fish from Green Lake soon.
  9. i started fishing green lake for carp last summer and found the lake to be a pretty interesting fishery and i fish it a few times a week throughout the summer. i've caught mirror and common carp, largemouth bass, rock bass, sunfish, rainbows, and sculpin. and have seen catfish and browns come out of the lake as well (the tiger musky are long gone btw).

    the carp do not come easy (in fact nothing really comes easy on GL). right now they are in spawn mode (at least they were this last friday) and are pretty occupied tryin to make lil carp. as the spawn progresses just look for fish that are face down eating as opposed to cruising and chasing each other around. the cruisers are a waste of time 99.8% of the time. there are carp spread throughout the lake but they definitely feed in certain areas, at certain times of day, and at certain points of the season. good thing the trail circling the lake is only 3 miles! keep one eye on the shallows and one on the joggers and you'll be fine.

    my green lake box keeps getting more and more diverse. ive got a little of everything to cover whatever the lake presents to me, whether it be carp on the feed, bass sunning in the lilies, or trout feeding on chironomids. if you see a guy with a flyrod at any point during the summer, its probably me. or backyard.
  10. What are you using for carp? I've seen them in the shallows, but have no idea on what to use.
  11. Tigers haven't been stocked in years and the last that were would have died out a few years ago.
  12. thats good too know it has been years since i have gone out for tigers at green lake
  13. Was driving past this morning (around 9:30 am), on the way to my union hall, and noticed rises along the Hwy 99 side. Don't know what they were, though. Still, fishing long the lily pads has been productive in the past for me.
  14. I am probably going to give green Lake a try this afternoon around 4 or 5. PM me if you'd like to meet up and see what we can find out there.
  15. I can walk there from my place. Only fished it once, nothing, but I need to OWN that lake!!

    I'd also like to know what to use to interest the carp.
  16. do a search on "carp flies" should give you more than enough ideas of where to start. presentation is still the key. DONT SPOOK EM!
  17. A friend of mine managed to twice catch carp on a size 10 Carey Special. His rod was in a holder while he rowed his pontoon boat around real slow. Given that the rod tip was pointing upwards a bit, there was some slack in the line. I think that allowed the carp to suck in the fly.

    --Dave E.
  18. Stopped by Green Lake last night for a couple hours and landed about 6 trout. Saw a few big carp jump too!
  19. Nice. If you don't mind...What part of the lake did you fish and what did you take em on? Also, were any of those trout trips or were they just regular stockers?


  20. What Wayne said. As they do everywhere, buggers work great there. Consider what type of line you want to use, too, and when. I've caught trout there while I was dragging a lline behind the rented paddle boat.

    You folks that can walk there should be telling the rest of us how to fish it. The way to learn is to wet a line . . .

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