Green Machine

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by NIrodneck, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. This rod might be a little over the top for some but was sure fun to build. Customer wanted bright,green and bling.
    Blank-RX7 9' 4pc 5wt
    Grip-Carbon fiber with bamboo and birch checkerboards
    Reel seat-B101 with green and black swirl acrylic insert
    Guides-PacBay N chrome stripper and minnima 4 running guides
    Thread-Fishhawk Meadow variegated with gunsmoke metallic trims
    Winding check matching acrylic of insert
  2. That's a fine looking rod, great job on filling the fisherman's needs because that rod is a whole lot of bright,green and bling Job well done!! I have the final coat turning on my rod and I do believe that you sold me on the CF grips because they are comfy.
  3. Wow! That is electrifying! Way cool looking reel seat/handle...just awesome color scheme w/checkered wood! Good vision!
  4. the reference to 'Longest Yard'
  5. pretty sweet. Great work
  6. Excellent work!

    Did you get a chance to test cast those PacBay minnimas? I bought some to but haven't built with them yet.
  7. Fantastic fly rod art! Damn near too pretty to fish with (in my old shaky hands, anyway). Very nicely done.
  8. Thanks everyody for the nice words. The Pac Bay minnima's are my go to guides right now for most of my fly rod builds. They are only slightly heavier than a standard wire guide, but way lighter than a typical ringed guide.

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