Green or Sky?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bear, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. Greetings Forumers - I've been a long time watcher and decided to join in the discussion.

    I'm a Midwest transplant trying to fit in a bit more fishing between family obligations and work. After years of steelhead fishing fishing Lake Michigan tributaries, I've spent the last several years stumbling around the Pac NW with only marginal success. My resolution for the next year is to get back in the swing. (pun intended)

    Anyway, enough of my history. I'd like to get to know one of the west side rivers well enough to call it home and I'm looking for suggestions. I travel on foot, so wade access is critical. I've had some success on the sky and green, but I'd be happy to try elsewhere.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated. Also, I'm planning to hit a river tomorrow (if it rains)so any up to date info would be great.

  2. is river fishing better in michigan or here. just curious. Ben
  3. I suppose it is like most places, if you know what you're doing and where to do it, the fishing is good. I was far more successful there than I have been around here, but I spent a lot more time on the water back then. I plan to invest the river time in the upcoming year and hopefully the results will be the same.

    If you want more specifics on Lake Michigan tributaries (both the wisconsin and michigan side) I'd be happy to provide more info.
  4. You might try the White river in Auburn. It doesn't get as many fish as the Green or Sky, but it doesn't get the pressure either. I've fly fished in Roegner Park in the south end of Auburn and caught a few Steelhead. When the water levels are low its an easy river to wade, but be careful becuase they release water from Mud Mt. Dam , and that can increase the water flow very quickly. Good luck,

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