Green River Steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by NewToSport, Oct 21, 2002.

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    How is the Green River for Steelhead this year? I have read where the Green River used to be a prime river to fish for steelhead but now its not? What happened? Was it over fished? Under regulated? All the above? The flows do look very low.
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    If your talking about the Green thats in auburn, go far up the river as possible. Go to Palmer Kanasket Park, towards Crystal Mt. up 410 hwy. just past the town of Buckley. There is a Steelhead hatchery there just a mile or two up stream from there. Only about 25yds of clear fighting area, lots of boulders and fast water. Lots of riggers go there, Zero backcasting room, only roll casting,etc.
    Everything else down the river towards Flaming Geyser is worthless. Super High Pressure due to this river is literally minutes away from Seattle,Tacoma,Auburn,Fed Way,etc.
    Cool places to just mess around and practice and beautiful scenery, but don't expect to catch anything, you might hook a half dead salmon, since there is a salmon hatchery there by highway18 bridge in Auburn. Goodluck.

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    The Green is a funny River and has a lot of holding water.
    Try Ogrady Park area and the Metzler Park area.
    Have had great luck in both areas infact they are kinda the same.
    Steelheading is fair with a few Atlantic Salmon (run aways for fishfarms)thrown in for fun.

    The best entrace is from Metzler park and fish down stream and around the corner. If you fish High water there is one back water you must ford but most of time it is quite easy.

    I us maily small patterned wets and steamers.

    The Green also has a bonuse of two distict runs of Searun Cutthroat.
    These run as far Flaming Gyser.

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    Skycries - one of us is really confused. Kanaskat\Palmer St Park is east of Maple Valley and North of Enumclaw - closer to Black Diamond and Ravensdale. Buckley is in the opposite direction from Enumclaw toward Puyallup. And heading up 410 from Enumclaw to Chrystal will take you in yet a different direction away from Buckley and Kanaskat\Palmer and the Green river. You do cross over the Greenwater river, but you don't go anywhere near the Green river.

    The green is actually a decent river to fish when you learn where the usual crowds gather and where good access points are. It's definately worth exploring from just above Kanaskat to the hwy 18 bridge. Not a lot of prime wading and nice gravel bars, but decent fly water can be found.
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    Hi, Just wanted to comment, since the majority of your replies were negative. I haven't fished the upper green for awhile, used to live in enumclaw and fished it daily though. I found you could catch steelies regularly - using bead head hairs ear nymphs underneath a strike indicator on a fairly consistant basis. I wouldn't waste your time at the hatchery hole, when you go into the park take the road to the campground and park outside in the day use area. It's a small hike to the river, but this area is more flyfishing friendly, hardly any back-casting room but less pressure and when using the strike indicator method your kinda lobbing it out anyways. Well good luck, also the runs and pools below the hatchery in the lower park are fairly successful also. I've even caught 14#er on the surface in the lower pool. Tight lines!