Green river steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Vic_sea, Dec 23, 2001.

  1. I'm going to Green right now. Does anybody know about recent catches from there?
  2. Hey there,
    Just got back from the Green. I saw a nice fish(Between 10 and 15 lbs.) taken from the hatchery hole in Kanasket-Palmer. Only fish I saw all day. Will be spending a few hours up there tommorrow.Flaming Geyser is full of people,though I was able to work a couple of the lesser known holes with plenty of elbow room.
    Tight Lines,
  3. Where is Kanasket-Palmer? I tried to find it once but got lost. :HMMM
  4. Flaming Geyser was packed with baitchuckers. it's a shame I never been in Kanasket-Palmer.
    What is the place called "gorge" on the maps?
    Is there public river access?
  5. Hey guys,
    Well to answer as to how to get to Kanasket Palmer, the route I usually take is to follow Green River road up to the hiway going through Black Diamond and then turning right at the first major intersection in Maple Valley,and then just follow the signs. The route I just found today(I know.... I'm a lil slow :HMMM ) is to follow 18 to the hiway 516 juction and jet through Covington until you reach formentioned intersection, where you'll go straight, and follow the signs.
    I too was looking at the map yesterday and noticed the Green River Gorge conservation area or something like that.
    I did some exploring and found it. It's right off the Kanasket-Cumberland Rd. on S.E. 307 st.(inbetween Ravensdale and Kanasket-Palmer S.P.) You drive down the dead end street untill you see a gate(it's not too far) where you'll get out and hike about a quarter of a mile to the bottom.
    I only explored a small section, but it all kind of looks like pocket water. Maybe next weekend I'll travel further upstream to see whatelse there is. There was not another soul to be seen down there.
    Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and take care,
  6. Is metzler still hot?? :COOK
  8. ok went to metzler park and seen two fish come out two days ago flow are rizing agin and the gear chuckers were elbo to elbo and i fished 30 min untell in considerit ass pushed to close and got hooked up on my line i fish that hole alot and well its good for all the trout are on the bite aging and the chumes are not makeing htem jump out on to the shore three weeks a go i save 10 trout the jump right out on to the shor in to my back pack lol keep the sunny side up and the krusty side down keeep on trucking :MAD :MAD :MAD :MAD :MAD

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