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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fred, Oct 23, 2001.

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    I was thinking of fishing the Green river at Flaming Geyser state park this weekend. Please can anyone give me an update as to how it's fishing at the moment?

    Thank you
  2. Hey there (Fred?),
    I was out there Steelheading this last Sunday. The water was high (near the 5 ft. mark according to USGS flow reports) but with a fair amount of visibility still present. Temperatures were in the mid 40's and those dried up shallow summer pools and runs began to catch my eye. Unfortunately none of them seemed "fishy" enough, though I flogged them thoroughly in spite of my better judgement, but to no avail.
    I then moved to Metzler Park where I soon encountered "River Fodder" (Salmon) spawning above the likely looking spots.
    On my way out I met a gentleman and wife hauling thier fly gear down the trail. He said the "Meat" hole (HiWy 18 bridge) was a bit of a circus (and that was quite an understatement) and that a place called "Car Body" hole might be worthy of one's attention.(I don't know where that's at)
    More recent USGS flow reports that river levels are at 6+ feet and likely to rise even further by this weekend.
    I am hoping to be out there this Saturday or Sunday( or both, depending on my wife's sense of humor)and will be employing more winter like tactics(sink tips and 1/0 flies in the deep riffles) in hopes of hooking an early winter run which I know to be present in Soos creek.
    Anyway, I hope this helps. See ya out there,
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    Thanks for the response it gives me quite a few options, one more question, were is Metzler Park? Please could you give me directions.

    Thanks again
  4. Hey Fred,
    Metzler Park is in between Highway 18 and Whitney Bridge Park(near the entrance to Flaming Geyser). You have to be coming from Highway 18 in order to see the sign. It is nestled in amongst some houses/ horse fields and is very easy to miss so you have to be alert.(hint: If you've seen the sign for the Keta Creek trout hatchery you've gone too far)
    If you're targeting Salmon, Whitney Bridge Park is worth checking out. It has some sweet looking water near the final "accesible" bend.
    Take Care,