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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by DW, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I was driving along the river (as it comes into Seattle, Marginal Way area) and saw a few people fishing. Of course I had to stop and see how it was. As I was watching, I saw about 15 silvers rise. I made my way down to the bank to see how things were going. They said it's doing pretty well when fishing with eggs. When I asked about fly fishing, they said it wasn't so hot.

    Anyone have any info. on it. I was thinkin' about hittin' it after work.

    - DW
  2. How far do they usually come up?
  3. No one has any info on the Green?
  4. DW,
    Two items on the Green.
    1. It gets hit pretty hard by the tribes with nets in the lower section.
    2. That said there is a hatchery on Auburn Black Diamond Rd. that take both King and Silver eggs. There was a real good return of Kings this year, a little later than normal but they came up pretty good one we got some rain. When I stopped by on Monday the silvers were just comming on at the holding pond.

    Also i saw a post were someone caught some just below the Hwy 18 bridge.

  5. I stopped by the hwy 18 bridge this morning on my way to work,Combat fishing!! and a lot of dead rotting fish!! A lot of attitudes out there this morning!! maybe I will fish it this weekend!! :HMMM

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