GreenGo BWO

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Derek Young, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Sharing a BWO emerger/cripple pattern I tied up this week. Tied on Size 10-12 hook.

  2. Derek that looks really good man! Recipe?
    Why such a large hook? for the pic?
    I suppose in sz 12 it work for a green drake emerger.
  3. Nifty looking morsel.
  4. I tie it on a larger hook than actual bug size because I like the hook. It's tied fairly sparse, so hook size is mostly there for weight and how the fly sits in the water. I'm going to submit it, so recipe will come later, I appreciate the kudos!
  5. Nice one Derek. Is the foam on the front split into two sections?
  6. Yeah, I tie it in in front of the thorax, after the wing, and give it a few 8's to separate the foam. Whip finish behind the foam.

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