Greetings from the rainforest

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ChaseBallard, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. ChaseBallard

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    A shot of chrome hope for anyone contemplating making a trip out to the OP:

    Rainforest steel.jpg

    Despite long drives, 14 degree nights in a tent, fairly low and clear water conditions, minor frostbite in one finger tip (doc said psssh just deal with it), far too much Fireball and Evan Williams, and overall slow fishing, this native made every minute spent in the rainforest over the last few days worth it.

    Rainforest steel2.jpg

    Ate a purple Hickman's Fish Taco on the swing deep in Olympic National Park. Just about busted me off on the first run but came to hand nicely and swam off even nicer. They're out there.

    And if you're a reader of The Drake, I noticed this sweet rig nearby on my happy walk back to camp. Hope it's driver got himself some tight lines!

    Ride With Clyde.jpg

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  2. Danielocean

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    Awesome. Thank you for the post.
  3. Tacoma Red

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    The Lama's swinging for steel! Guess he couldn't get plates in Tibet so he settled for the next best.
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  4. chodder

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    Nice fish!! Ive been considering a trip out there soon. How were the crowds?
  5. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    Great post!
  6. ChaseBallard

    ChaseBallard bushwhacker

    No crowds at all where we were, though it's no secret spot and that could change come March and warmer weather.
  7. Patrick Allen

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    Very Nice Specimen you got. I love the shot of the thick back strong as hell wild fish.

    Solid Work.
  8. Rob Ast

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    great report, and awesome fish.
  9. Seth Tyson

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    Great catch!
  10. Dan Cuomo

    Dan Cuomo Active Member

    Clyde! Oh no! No tight lines for any occupants of that Detroit iron. Tell them the fishing sucks and if the rabid elk don't get you Sasquatch will. One half-way-decent day for those guys and the Upper Hoh Road will look more like I-5 than it sometimes does already. Go South young man… Oregon is WAY better.
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  11. fishbadger

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    I saw that too. Owner of that fine Merc seemed like good people when I talked to him. Just trying to swing up some metal in a hard world. . .like the rest of us,

  12. Jason Rolfe

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  13. Yadwick

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    Man you were wasted, that must have been a hangover cure....
  14. ChaseBallard

    ChaseBallard bushwhacker

    I was wondering if the dudes from the other camp might see this. Way, way too much cheap whiskey on a cold night. Appreciate you guys being friendly fellows and not ridiculing us, at least until we had left!
  15. Chris Bellows

    Chris Bellows The Thought Train

    sweet that the drake dudes are on the OP. hopefully they will write it up and help others discover the area.
  16. pbunbury

    pbunbury Tights Lines

    I was out there this past weekend myself and got into a few fish. It was definitely cold, but the swinging was pretty good. Great post, and congrats!
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  17. Yard Sale

    Yard Sale Active Member

    Pretty funny you guys say this on a total hot spot report...
  18. troutdopemagic

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    It's because its only the Drake's fault for uncovering the secret to this public water with huge native steelhead open long after the other PS rivers close that the OP becomes a daisy chain of Bead Boyz and Pavati drifters every March.

    Damn you Drake magazine! You exposed all of our secrets!
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  19. ChaseBallard

    ChaseBallard bushwhacker

    All I'm gonna say is this: I can look at a map and count over a half dozen rivers out there with chrome in them. Not one is named in this post. I did too much research on access, roads, runs, flows and weather to take that "fun" away from someone else. Or make it that easy. I hope The Drake treats their coverage of the Olympic Peninsula the same way.
  20. Tacoma Red

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