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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Kcahill, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Kcahill Active Member

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    Figured I would post my intro thread here since most of my targets are warm water species. A little about me, I have not touched a fly rod in 20 years but will be getting back into it this year. I live on a little lake in Renton so I should have plenty of privacy relearning how to cast without embarrassing myself.

    Looking forward to sharing fishing reports and fish story's with you guys!
  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Welcome, keep us posted on your re-introduction and reports.
  3. Trout Master Active Member

    Yes welcome, Mumbles is a long time Flipper of poppers ,right Mumbles
  4. NewTyer1 Banned or Parked

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    Welcome from Virginia, this sight is awesome. I too have not flyfished in 20 or more years and just started tying, got a couple rods and looking forward to getting out on the waters and streams.
  5. Steve Call Active Member

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    Welcome to the bright-side of fishing.
  6. willburrrr2003 Member

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    Welcome :) , enjoy getting back into it! There are a lot of great people on this site, with great stories and advice. Out of curiosity, what brought you back to fly fishing?
  7. Kcahill Active Member

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    For the past 5 or so years I have been chasing big fish around the tropics\hawaii\asia and last year just had one of those days where the fish were jumping into the boat. The captian(who i have been fishing with for years) looked at me at the end of the day and said "How are you ever going to top this?" and he was right. I didnt fish again the entire year.

    Right before christmas I was on a business trip in Couer d'Alene, ID and from the restaurant i was at I could see a fly shop across the street. And I got to thinking about the last time I fly fished(I was 15), and about the guys I have seen out there with fly rods fishing tarpon and permit in Florida and bones in Hawaii.

    So after dinner I went and walked in and talked for a while and explained what I was looking for. He set me up with some gear from last years lines and since then I have just been itching to get out there and do it.

    I even went out there and took some casts last night even though it was in the 40's!

    Probably more then you wanted to know but there it is!
  8. IveofIone Active Member

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    Welcome, it's good to have another warm water guy aboard! I got a big kick out of you dropping an "F" bomb on us-"Forties!" It is 2 degrees out right now and "Forties" are predicted by March.

    Seriously though, panfish are just a blast on light rods no matter how many big trout or steelhead I have caught over the years. A day of catching 100 bluegills on dry flies on a warm sunny lake is like no other. They are such aggressive tough little buggers. There are some good spiny ray waters around the state as you will note by reading the past posts. The central part of the state grows much bigger fish and is worth the drive over.

    Enjoy that fly rod (probably the first of many) and keep us posted of your successes.

  9. Kcahill Active Member

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    Hey I have to enjoy the 40's when I can get it, I spent this fall - winter working in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho!

    I dont have any bluegills in my little lake but I have perch, largemouth, and there is supposed to be pumpkinseed but all the years I have fished it with gear I have only caught one.

    I am still trying to figure out all the flies but a popper is a popper so I pretty much have that figured out just have to get the stripping motion down for the surface action.

    What flies do you use for perch and bluegill?(first of many questions I will ask)
  10. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Hey both of you welcome hope you really enjoy getting back into it .Find your nearest shop and drop in for a chat buy a few of what they reccomend and get started. you can always search here and see what comes up. I understand that allmost all of the local lakes have warmwater species in them so you even have good fishing close to home. Everyone reads the reports so be sure to post what you got done. Good luck happy fishin!! sorry I'm not quallified to answser your first Question. When I was fishing for them I used worms Which I'm sure still work.
  11. Camo Clad Warrior Member

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  12. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    welcome Rey jump right in.
  13. Tyler Speir Artist

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    What little lake in Renton do you live on?
  14. Kcahill Active Member

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    , it is not to bad. I have caught some bass that were a little bit bigger than 2 lbs and some trout that were in the 18" range. I dont think there is anything really big in there but it is fun to fish.