Grey Reef/North Platte

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    Last week I fished the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River in Wyoming with my father in law, who is as big a trout bum as I am!
    Here I am (left) with my father in law (right) at a spot we got out to wade. It's a beautiful river to drift.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll cut to the chase. The fishing was amazing, the weather stellar. My guide there is Jason Hamrick, he is outstanding as are his other guides and his river cabins. I highly recommend
    tr2Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.09.58 AM.jpg

    On to the pics! We literally caught about 140+ trout in 3 days. All in the 16-20 inch range with the odd 20-24 inch fish. We were fishing a double dry rig, #12 caddis in front and #16 caddis in back. Amazing dry fly action on the Grey Reef! What a score. Interesting random side note, Jason and I got to talking equipment, and he leveled with me that one of his favorite all time fly rods is a Sage DS2 490-2. He said they don't make 'em like they used to, and he loves the feel and action of this rod. I borrowed his for two days instead of fishing my own gear- really buttery sweet! Delicate yet powerful, with plenty of backbone when I needed it. After hundreds of casts and landing 50+ fish on it, I grew to love the rod as much as Jason does. To cap it off I ended up buying one off ebay through my iPhone while taking a break on the river! LOL! Epic. Gotta love the convenience of ebay and a smartphone:cool: . Now REALLY on to some pics. Thanks for reading and tight lines.
    IMG_6127.jpg IMG_6129.jpg IMG_6143.jpg IMG_6149.JPG IMG_6152.JPG IMG_6161.JPG IMG_6165.jpg IMG_6175.jpg
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    That looks amazing! Nice report and pics!
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    great pics
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    What an awesome trip, thanks for sharing.
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    yeah it was an amazing few days. Can't wait to get back and fish that river again!
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    Great report and photos!
    I fished that area a couple years ago while visiting family in Wyoming, truly a special place. Loved it and cant wait to get back. Hopefully this summer.
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    Nice! Another one for the bucket list.

    BTW, I notice all of those 'bows seem to be looking down at the fly in their mouth saying "WTF?!" :)
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    Nice report - certainly better conditions than the last time I fished it, with 50+ mph winds, lightning, and hail.

    Agree on the DS2, have it in the 7'6" 4wt and it's a great rod.
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