FS Greys GX500

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by OLC55, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. OLC55

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  2. Jason Rolfe

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    How do you think that would feel on a 9 ft 7 wt?

  3. OLC55

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    I think it would be ok. It's not a lightweight reel, especially when it's loaded with line.
  4. OLC55

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    Here's a picture of it next to a Nautilus Fw7.

  5. OLC55

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    Bumping this back up
  6. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith Active Member

    Is this the 4/5/6 or the 6/7/8?
  7. OLC55

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    It's the 4,5,6
  8. OLC55

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    Accepting offers. Open to trades as well (couple of lines, cheap rod, exc)
  9. Bothellfisher

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    Here is my two Cents I have the 6/7/8 on a 10' 7wt rod... Love this Reel. I use mine for Salmon and Steelhead fishing... I only started fishing with it this season so No Salmon or Steelhead on it yet... But it did handle a 22in Dollie like a dream. The drag system seem to work great... Just my two cents.
  10. OLC55

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    Price drop to $65
  11. OLC55

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    Trade has been made