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  1. The current issue of Montana Outdoors magazine has an article about a re-located grizzly that was tracked over a 15 month period by radio collar and swam a total of 14 miles in Flathead Lake. They show the paths and several of the legs were as far as 3 miles...I had no idea they would/could swim that far. Can you imagine scooting around in your pontoon and seeing a grizzly swimming past you...or at your craft as a place to take a breather :eek:
  2. I floated the Situk once with a friend and as we rounded a bend a big mother griz stood on a sand bar as we started to drift by. We were maybe 15' from her and as we bobbed by she rose fully erect. I about pooed my pants, my friend on the other hand thought it would be a good idea to slow down to take a picture. Luckily the more rational mind happened to be on the oars thinking about how easily the tin can of a boat we sat in could be opened up and he (me) rowed like the freakin dickens. Knowing that they can swim that far (not surprising at all) makes me think I should have rowed farther then I did.

    I did land my first official steelhead on a fly rod on that trip.
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  3. Ahh the Situk I have bag memories of that place and Bears !!!
  4. When I guided in the saltwater in Sitka Alaska we would run Admiralty inlet int he morning and occasionally we would pass a brown bear swimming from Baranof to Kruzof Island. The inlet is a mile long in places, it was always a worth the extra tip you got when you slowed down and took pictures of a big brown from 10 feet away.
  5. How are you using the word "tip"! :)
  6. As a kid fishing with my dad on Lake Kabetogama on the border of MN and ON, we once motored up to a black bear swimming across a broad part of the lake. My memory is foggy on this (it was the early 1980's), but I vaguely recall that he was in the middle of at least a one mile swim. Anyway, we pulled up right next to him and he just glanced at us and kept on doggy-paddling, totally ignoring us. It was pretty funny.
  7. My mom has a house on Flathead Lake that looks out on Wild Horse Island. Grizzlies and black bears manage to get over onto that island once in a while and that is a long swim! Once I was sitting on her dock and noticed a bear (from that distance I'm guessing black bear but it was a long way off) about 1/2 way accross that section of the lake. It wasn't michael phelps fast, but it made it all the way out there and the water was even kind of rough.

    I wish it would've eaten a Jet-skier on the way over, but no such luck.
  8. I was in Yellowstone last summer and watched a grizzly leave a kill and swim across the Yellowstone River like it was nothing. He didn't even drift down stream from the current.....very impressive!
  9. I saw one swimming 3 miles off of Port Moller in AK. Talking to some of the locals there it's a common occurrence, rather than walking the many miles around the bay they swim. Scares the crap out of gill netters returning from fishing with very little freeboard.

    I was told one swam to Unga Island on the Shumagins south of the AK peninsula. This was in 1991. This from the harbormaster at Sand Point who gave us hell for visiting the abandoned town of Unga without a shotgun.
  10. We worry about them in the Kelly Creek drainage; two years ago, I found what looked like a griz track in the sand... "If you go down to the woods today...".
  11. I was doing some rock hounding just north of Republic and a griz ran across the road in front of us just as we were about to get on the Kettle river road.
    Griz are cool, bring em on.
  12. No worries. I slept like a log.
  13. I commercially fished out of Kodiak for two seasons, and have seen Kodiak's swim in the salt from one island to the next and across bays. Pretty amazing. I knew they could swim but didn't realize they would brave the salt. Worked with a buddy who was a MT state rodeo champ and wanted to try and rope one in the water from our skiff. Obviously he didn't even attempt it, but we did get pretty close in our skiffs a couple times.
  14. "worked with a buddy"
    Cowboys think about things like that.
  15. They are much further south than that as well - Cusick, Usk, Ione area...
  16. I agree Griz are cool. I use to live in the Yellowstone area, you know you are in the real shit when you come across grizz sign when yer out playing!
  17. Haha, as in additional monetary compensation for services provided.
  18. I've been fortunate to have seen lots of Griz back home in Montana. As for having one swim past my float tube . . . I'll pass on that experience; having a Moose swim by within rod-touching distance was exciting enough . . . the young bull Moose swam thru an armada of some 15 tubes & 'toons, then fed placidly along the shore of an adjacent island for the balance of the evening. No anglers were injured during the making of that event, but rumor has it that several sets of skivvies were compromised . . .

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