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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by ganglyangler, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. I am so excited about hunting season I can't even work! (as evidenced by this post in the middle of a workday) I am headed to the NE corner of the state for 6 days over the opener and the long weekend. I am hoping the weather cools a bit! We will be up pretty high but upper 80's and 90's are pretty hot for hiking. Anyone else headed out for the grouse and or dove opener? Anyone else can't sleep thinking about it?
  2. I'll be fishing and hunting grouse all that first week in September. It's not like I live for that week, but it's darned close. My gracious and lovely wife lets me get my fill of each while she putters around the house and makes me wonderful dinners. Mix in a little work around the house and it's a full week for sure. There's always time to sit and sip cool drinks under the shade outside and forget about the daily grind.

    Good luck chasing those grouse...
  3. I'll be heading over to the east side to scout for doves. If history is any indication, I have a 90% chance of having a couple days of good shooting. The sleep disturbance will begin the week before the opener. In terms of grouse, I'll probably give that a try near Yakima. I hunted grouse there in the 60's and usually found a bird or two. This time I'll have a dog which might help. Your NE hunt on the east side should be great. I think I read a report said the grouse numbers were same as last year (?). Good luck.
  4. im on the edge of my seat waiting for the season to start. Ill be looking for them in the NE as well, get the springer out into some birds!
  5. I don't have any trouble sleeping.
    After missing last season, this season is gonna be a blast, then a cast, then more blasting.
    Good luck to everyone, safe hunting, safe traveling.
  6. Saw good numbers of grouse last year deer hunting over there so I am hoping the spring didn't hit em too hard. Been seeing good quail numbers on fishing trips over east too so at least thats a good sign. Found some new spots for chukar and huns which look promising too. Never hunted dove but they sure look like a lot of fun. Might have to try to get a few this year. I've eaten them and thats good grinds! I'll post a report when I get back, looking forward to hearing how everyone did. Hunt 'em up! Good Luck!
  7. I'll go chase doves . . . just because. You don't "hunt" doves, you merely shoot at them (acrobatic little feathered-jets that they are . . . ). When you run out of shells, you go home. BUT . . . I own a lovely 28-ga O/U, have access to a couple great fields, and the squabs are delightful on the barbi (he typed after wiping drool off the keyboardi)!
  8. Jim, you are truly a sporting man. Anyone who shoots a 28 ga. at anything other than pen-raised birds is a true sport. I always tell guys I take dove or quail hunting "Don't bother showing up if you're shooting anything bigger than a 20 ga.". My favorite gun now is a CSMC 20 ga RBL (gift from my late mother-in-law's will). I only use my 12 ga. on waterfowl but if I could afford bismuth type shot I would be shooting the 20 at decoying ducks, too.

    My favorite dove recipe is to sandwich a slice of jalapeno pepper between two dove breast filets then wrap them in bacon, secure with toothpicks. Grill to medium rare. Truly great fare.
  9. Nice piece & sounds like a delightful recipe, Karl! I'll try that. I've pounded split duck breasts flat, wrapped them around proscuto, baby swiss, and a jalapeno half after letting them meditate in beer & light soy sauce then wrapped that with bacon, slow-cooked on the Loosiana Grill and had folks call me a liar when I told them it was duck. My 28 is on a true 28 frame, a delight to carry, and a superb alibi when I miss . . . the old "not much shot/short shot-string ploy. If you head this way, shoot me a PM. My next love is a 20-ga O/U. Before the steel shot mandate, I never carried anything bigger than a 20 (excluding elk spike-camp bear insurance, of course . . . I'm reasonably sporting, not stupid. Well, I AM stupid, just not in that regard . . . ). May your opener be a banner day. Since I've yet to find a successor to Maggie, I'm dogless . . . Raven's Roost used to hold a lot of grouse & the Ruff population in the Blues looks promising. Quail are "iffy" where I've been scouting/travelling this summer.
  10. Thanks Jim. I also did not carry (or own) anything other than a 20 ga until the steel shot mandate came out. Had a Browning Lightning Superposed, mod/full that I shot almost every bird species in Washington, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia with (except turkey and geese). When I traded it, well, that is where stupid comes in.

    I will shoot you a pm if I'm that way. I'm so sorry you lost your hunting partner. I have my first real hunting dog partner now. She's a "20 ga" dog: small, cute, and sporting. He's not quite, but almost, a pointing Lab. If you're coming this way do likewise on the PM. We'll see if we can get you on a few wetside waterfowl.
  11. Thanks, Karl. I haven't travelled west in a number of years, but do need to head that way if for no other reason than to meet a couple of the wonderful virtual friends I have been blessed with discovering on this forum (and perhaps to flog The Sound a bit). Taking the 28 out here shortly to reduce the pigeon population at a local dairy (I usually use an air gun for this endeavor . . . pigeon & coyote control results in enhanced land access opportunities now that I've been established at this ebdeavor for a few years, but the dairy owner wants to play, so shotties it is . . . think I ought to wear tweed & knickers?). I must admit that in 62-years I have never harvested a "salt" duck and I've always regreted selling a sweet 20-ga BSS with 26" improved & modified tubes and a straight English stock . . . was my fav decoy gun back in the day, so we share that particular brand of stupid experience.
  12. Let me jump in this love fest for wood and steel. My 28 is a Wingmaster and it's sweet to carry all day chasing "ruffs". Later, when they get a bit more wary I change to my 16 gauge BPS. It's a bit heavier, but fits the bill none the less. For pheasant, what few there are, my Citori Upland in 12 is a quick pointing answer to the cackle and flutter of a rooster. I also own a Zoli/Rizzini double that was made for Abercrombie and Fitch back in the 60's. It's a pretty little 12 with a scalloped box lock that still shows most of its case colors. The POW stock has a slender wrist that fits me real nice. It's my special gun for days that I hunt in tweed and tie, ...yeah, when hell freezes over...

    That's most of my scatter guns except my 311 in 20 gauge and an old corn shucker 870 in 16 guage, both are "grandkid guns" if you get my drift.

    Damn, is it time to go hunting yet...?
  13. Jim-my new English Setter is over in Cheney for 5 weeks of bird training prior to our first real hunt together, which will be in late September hunting grouse around Winthrop (you would be welcome to join us Roper!) If I get down tri-cities way, I'll let you know and maybe we can hunt together! Rick
  14. Twist my arm Rick...
  15. @Jim, I've never harvested a salt duck either. I hunt on a club which produces mallards, widgeon, and pintail along with geese. We get some big flocks of teal, too, but most of the guys don't shoot teal, though they are great ducks to eat and very sporting to shoot. We like to harvest at least 25 lbs of duck/goose meat each for our sausage maker. Red beans and rice is much better with duck sausage in it as is chicken and sausage gumbo. Plus our Friday night meal is always eggs, grits, and duck sausage.

    @Roper: sounds like you've got the sporting part covered nicely. I will use a 12 ga sxs for pheasants later in the season, too, when the birds aren't holding so tight. If I did more grouse hunting I would definitely get a nice 28. I think forest grouse and 28's are the perfect match.
  16. Ah, great plans and new virtual friends . . . no wonder I love this site! I've yet to dabble around the NE part of the State much, either . . . so many places to visit after I retire. I usually hunt Blues back home in Montana . . . lots of birds & no pressure.
  17. give a 410ga a chance on doves,now thats a challenge...everybody enjoy the season...
  18. I shot doves with my dad's Model 42 .410 as a kid. No longer have the Model 42, another case of "stupid". If this thread keeps going I'm going to be reminded of all of my stupid moves.
  19. Used to jump shoot tight-holding Mallards on a spring creek in Montana during late season sub-zero cold snaps . . . birds would hold tight, get up slow & one or two at a time . . . became a passion to get a double with my TC Contender .410 handgun, but managed to do it a couple times. Took a while longer to drop one on the wing with my longbow. As for another "Stupid" . . . sold a Smith .22 Jet that I bought for a song & sold for another song. Dumb, dumb, dumb . . . then there was the Smith Model 27, with hand-honed action I let go. I'm gonna go beat myself for awhile now . . . (or, I'll go fondle the 99% Colt Python I stumbled across for $300.00 . . . gee, I'm feeling better already.).
  20. I'm going crazy also. Can't wait for the opener. I spent a lot of time and gave up some trips the past few months to help the wife open her shop. So I get free rein this fall. Lot's of casting and blasting coming soon!

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