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  1. Hey Roper - check you PMs.
  2. Definitely heading east! I'll give the local ridge tops around B-ham a good hike. But I'm putting my chips down on the eastside table! I do think forest grouse numbers are going to be same or maybe better than last year based on my own observations during turkey season. Two seasons ago I didn't hear a single drummer while turkey hunting, and the season sucked. Last year I heard a few ruffs in the poplar stands, and produced a few birds. This year I saw both ruffs and blues. Snow melted sooner this year and it has been dryer...all adds up to better bird numbers.

    As stated in another post I'm taking grandpa's 16 ga 1148 into the woods as my upland gun this year. Bad weather I'll grab the Stoeger o/u 16 ga I purchased to take the abuses of chukar chasing. Ducks the 16's goes in the closet and the 1187 12 ga. hits the blind. Heavy, but so nice to shoot. Debated taking the other gun I inherited out grouse hunting...Savage 22/410, better known as my midwest rabbit/squirrel slayer! Like the idea of having another shot with the scatter gun and not the single.
  3. Andrew: my first firearm was the old Savage .22/.410 o/u I received as a Christmas present in the mid 1950's if memory serves me. My dad thought is was a neat gun and would be great for me to start out with on doves. I never shot the .22 and the .410 was a lousy gun to shoot doves with for an 8 year old. I think I shot two doves with it, one of them was sitting on a branch. It was the safest gun for me, though, I couldn't cock the hammer so my dad never worried about accidental discharge when I had it. When we were hunting doves, he'd cock it, I would raise it up, miss the bird which he would then kill the dove with his 20 gauge Ithica pump. He was a hell of a shot. That Savage is a great camp gun, though, perfect for putting grouse in the pot. I haven't thought of that gun for years. Thanks for the memory.
  4. Have been seeing a decent number of grouse in the Little Naches unit scouting scouting for early archery elk this year.

    Anyone heading out for the dove opener next week? Will be hunting the lower valley in Yak County for the dove opener. Dove breasts wrapped in bacon on the grill with an IPA.
  5. Karl,

    My grandfather kept all is guns in an old school was both a sad and memorable day when I cracked it open to remove guns that we felt it was not good to have around my grandfather (Alzheimer). Needless to say I pulled that gun out and thought wow this is so 'cool' a 22 over 410! Only ever used it for rabbit or squirrel and the last time it was fired was two years ago on a snowy midwest day in January. My brother-in-law, father-in-law, and myself hunted rabbits on his 40. Needless to say the 12" or more of snow made nice dens/igloos over any brush pile. We got to this one with a gazzilion tracks all around it...stepped on a branch and gave it a few shakes and I swear 15 rabbits came flying out. Through our legs, between us, over us (well not quite, but damn near every direction)...the shooting was hilliarious, switching from 22 to 410, forgetting that I was on 22 when I needed to be on 410. Just an awesome memory that always comes up.
  6. Gonna try to stop on my way home for a quick dove excursion. I see them pretty frequently and think I might get a shot or two. Anybody tried walking them up with a dog? There are some field edges that seem to always have a few. Is this considered unsporting? Should they only be pass shot? Seems like they would to tough to hit either way... given the way I shoot they won't likely be in any real danger. :rofl:
  7. No new PM's...?
  8. Andrew: what a great story. I can see all of those bunnies bustin' out, shooting off like grounded quail. That Savage was a good gun for a kid to wander through the woods and fields hunting rabbit, squirrels, and such. Great fun and memories with family afield.
  9. Gangley, Jump shooting doves can be sporting if it's done safely. Doves sitting in sage or on limbs of trees typically dive down before heading off. I haven't done any jump shooting since I was a kid but that's how we hunted them during the middle of the day when they were flying to feed, water or roost. Now I just pass shoot them which is just more fun in my book. If you have a place to jump shoot doves, I'd suggest getting to the area earlier and shooting before they land. You can "pattern" their flight path into and out of an area if you arrive a day early and scout with some good binoculars. Sit and watch right at daylight or a couple of hours before sunset. Move up and down the roads watching for birds moving to feed. Also drive the backroads and look for birds sitting on the wires over cut grain fields. Farmers will give permission to hunt their cut fields if you have a WSU Cougar sticker and talk trash about the "Fusckies".
  10. Ribka: slip a slice of jalapeno between those dove breast filets if you want something with a little more pizzazz.
  11. Thanks Karl, I am going to give it a try. You're making me hungry with that recipe.
  12. Great recipes!!

    I just with I could hunt with you guys, but I shoot an older 12 sxs.
  13. I' planning on camping near Cle Elum next week and hope to cast a blast a bit around the area.
  14. You can . . . but you must assemble your ammo when the bird flushes, then load your 12 and fire . . . always remember that we get all of the closest, best shot opportunities . . .
  15. Remember: if you use a 12 gauge on public land for grouse you probably need to get a wood gathering permit before starting your hunt. Most of us smaller gauge hunters shoot between the trees.
  16. Plan B: The 12 goes first, thus eliminating arboreal interference . . . you can carry your 12 loaded, but with only 1 shell . . . broke 20 of 25 clays with my 28 this morning. Tomorrow I'm going to try some that are in the air . . .
  17. Jim, nice shooting with the 28. There's just something magical about that little gauge. I wish I had the funds for a 28 gauge sxs (CSMC RBL). I may get rid of a 20 Parker Repro I've got and find some way to make up the difference.

    I'm planning to head to Ft. Lewis in the morning with my 20 gauge sxs. I'm hoping to take a 14 y.o. friend along and my wife's 20 gauge auto for him to shoot. Got to be sure I keep him on the 20 gauge track, the Dark Side would have him shooting a bazooka 12 gauge. We'll get to the Dark Side with geese in the decoys this year with an expert goose hunting friend of ours or over the duck decoys with me. My hesitation in selling the Repro is it will make a great little field gun for the kid when he starts hunting quail and doves.
  18. I never hear of anyone hunting grouse on the OP. There used to be a ton of ruff's over there along with bandtailed pigeons. I know the story on the pigeons, the grouse I never hear about anymore.

  19. Sounds good. Seeing plenty of doves around Yak County. Hoping to fill limit with just 2 boxes this year!

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