Grouse Hunting.....

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  1. NFR Grouse Hunting.....

    I own a lab(he's not a hunter unfortunately) and i would agree. there's something about setters and grouse hunting.
    my next dog will be a lewellyn(sp?? however it's spelled) and he will be a hunter.
    now duck hunting, different story but we're talking grouse
  2. NFR Grouse Hunting.....

    Josh, spruce grouse have rather dark meat, and can only be described as "gamey".

    No, Sasha is a standard poodle, lovable, smart, couldn't smell a grouse if it were inches away...:( but she has flushed pheasant...;). They were originally used as duck dogs, webbed feet and all. BTW, they're not French, but German in origin.
  3. NFR Grouse Hunting.....

    roper -

    that dog looks awfully irish to me. could it be...........?

    grew up with 'em.

  4. NFR Grouse Hunting.....

    should read previous posts. but, godamm that dog just plain looks like an irish water spaniel.

  5. NFR Grouse Hunting.....

    hey thanks guys.Yeah I do not use a dog. I dont have the time or moeny to get a decent hunting dog and to train it. I am going to see mabye if there is any old logging roads or clear cut areas near my home. My dad said before they had all the houses over in camas he used to go and walk the logging roads there and find them but now its all houses and stores over there. I usally would go with my single shot 410 break action. I love it. it is very good for shooting birds of that size.
  6. The dog is key, if you don’t have one you will have to get out of the truck and pick up the bird yourself.
  7. I got a grouse in Western Montana a month ago. It was a lot of fun. They are quite stupid. I got out of a running truck, loaded a gun, and then shot it. A lot of fun though.
  8. John, tell me you didn't "sluice" that bird...;)

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