Grouse tails

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  1. This year is shaping up to be a better year than last. So far I have managed to bag 4 grouse, only one last year. Not much to say but I'll let the photos speak for that. One explanation, the grouse on the rock was not shot as it was on Association property and there's no hunting allowed. I do try to follow the rules even as tempting as it was...

    Lucky grouse

    Not so lucky grouse

    Early morning success

    Lucky's home range
  2. very nice! iv'e only managed one so far. last year managed a whole bag limit of 4 in a day though, only time that's ever happened for me with grouse.
  3. Nice looking shotgun!!
  4. Nicely done! You're an honorable gentleman & sportsman, roper. I agree with the
  5. Well aimed sir! Guess I'm going to have to dust off my tweeds!
  6. Rick, that is a good looking gun, but aren't those barrels a little big for grouse? ;) I need to get out and bag a grouse soon! I'm leaving for Montana tomorrow for the pheasant opening, so at least I will be pulling the trigger soon! Rick
  7. Rick, you got me there...:D I had to get some "blood" on the darn thing, all it has killed prior to that is those funny looking orange birds...

    I promise to take my 16 or 28 here after...good hunting in Montana

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