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  1. In honor of our local Girl Scout troops and their annual cookie selling fundraiser I present an old-time favorite, the Thin Mint Mid. The fish fight over these as much as you do the cookies!
  2. Nice work; may you receive a merit badge for your efforts!
  3. Thin mints are hard to resist, hopefully your midge will be the same for the trout too!
  4. great fly. do you have the recipe?
  5. Girl Scouts refuse to give it up, but I bet with your mad skills in the kitchen you could find an approximate.

  6. ira: I broke the girl scouts recipe many years ago! :)
  7. Hook, TMC 2457 sz 12-18
    Thread, #8 Lt. Cahill (light yellow)
    Body, Frostbite #11 (light chartruese)
    Rib, Green Krystal Flash
    Thorax, Peacock Herl
    White bead

    You can alter the body color with a different color thread underbody. For example if you wanted a darker version then use an olive thread underbody and it will show thru the frostbite slightly. I generally use two layers of frostbite for good color. Make sure you coat with Sally's before you fish.
  8. thank you Scott!

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