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  1. Heading to Guanaja (on of the Honduras Bay Islands) in a couple of weeks - any one have any words of wisdom on gear, technique, or other? Mostly targeting bones, but sounds like there will be opportunities to baby tarpon, permit, ???
    Thanks for those pearls...
  2. There should also be some Barracuda- My friend lives there and works at a dive shop and she see's them hanging around the piers/docks all the time...
    For bones, 8 or 9wt, saltwater reel with lots of backing. Get a good pair of flats glasses (Oakley and Smith make some really good ones), and cover up. You have to remember that your standing on flats, so the sun is shining down on you from all sides, and then reflecting up at you from all sides- double BAM! of sunshine.
  3. My son and I fished east end of Roatan and a little island between there and Guanaja a few years ago.

    Lots of marl flats, and a lot of snaggy, weedy bottom. Not too much in the way of white sand flats as you might find in the Bahamas. My advice is to have a lot of weedless flies which we were fortunate to have brought along with us on the advice of others. Also, have some blind (un-weighted, no eyes) flies along for the same reason if you're on shallow flats.

    We did see some barracuda while there, but no tarpon on our trip.

    Have fun. The people are great - decendants of a combination and mixture of indigenous native people, escaped American slaves from the 1800's - and pirates. They have their own unique language and culture unlike anywhere else. A lot of history there if you're into that. You'll also most likely still see the effects of a monster hurricane that parked itself over the island a few years back and ripped every tree off the island.
  4. Weedless Weedless Weedless! Oh, in the evening see if they will take you out to the blue water for some baby blackfin, 5-6lbs of awsome!
  5. I forgot to mention the Permit. We spotted three of them about a 100 yards away motating towards us. I rigged up a crab and waited til' they were within range and cast.
    My fly was totally ignored, stripped in carefully so not to spook them and cast again - now closer. Same refusal. Theyre getting closer, so repeat the process - they totally ignored my fly again. Getting really close now so crouched down, quietly as I could stripped the fly out of the water and cast in front of them again. Twenty-five feet away now, one fish looked at and refused the crab pattern again - crouching as low as we could get now and they're still swimming towards us and one last quick flip cast, and another total refusal right in front of us! They swam within 15' or less of us before spooking. These fish were obviously not feeding and were on the move.
    Frustrating experience but heart pounding and way cool to see them up that close. Next time on the end of my line and in my hand, I hope.
    Share your experience with us when you return. Hope you have as much fun as we did down there!
  6. White flies tied with a stinger work wonders on 'cudas. Strip fast- if you think you're going too fast, strip faster and hold on for some explosive strikes.

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