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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by TRAFUL SALMON, May 22, 2005.


    TRAFUL SALMON New Member

    Hi, i´m starting on rod building, but i have a problem on the fly guide mounting. When i look for the spine, the rod blank tends to roll and create a curve, i want to know if i have to mount the fly guides on the inside of the curve or on the outside of the rod, which is the difference?????.Thank You. Marcelo.
  2. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    Standard practice (that I have read about at least) has us mount the guides on the inside of the spline.

  3. Tony Mull

    Tony Mull Member

    you can mount the guides on either side of the spine. the point is to line up the guides with the strongest part of the blank, it doesn't matter which side. i have done many rods on either side.
  4. riverdog

    riverdog Member

    The great thing about custom rod building is that you can mix it up a bit! I generally wrap the guides on top of the spine to use the spine to put more power in the forward cast. But on multiple piece blanks, I have been reversing this on the tip section--placing the guides under the spine, so the tip has a bit more sensitivity. Of course, this is all in theory, because I'm not a good enough caster or fisherman to get the benefit of these "tweakings."