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  1. I need some help putting together a resume for a guide job. I have never put a fishing resume together so any suggestions would be really helpful.
  2. I whorred myself to a few companies in the past year, here is what I learned.

    Be honest about your abilities, but also confident in them

    Some short background info like: how long you have been fishing, how often you fish, where you have fished, if you have ever had any experience in guiding or the fishing industry before, that kinda stuff is always helpful. A recomendation from a fishing pro/important person (known localy or world wide) can be a helpful addition.

    Try to set up a day of fishing/mock guiding with whoever your trying to get a job with. This above all other things speaks for your abilities, and has worked for me in the past.

    Just be honest and kind, they are looking for someone who will mesh well with many different types of people

    Good luck,
  3. Just like any other company hiring, you're going to need to write about what your experience has been, ie, what techniques do you know, how well can you cast, what rivers have you fished, have you rowed/piloted boats, if so where/how long, what species have you fished for, years of experience, have you completed your First Aid & CPR, how are your people skills, etc.. If you'll be on navigable water - do you have a Coast Guard license (6-Pack)? Include any other special knowledge or certifications you may have. A list of references would also be helpful. Where are you going to be guiding?
  4. Well I hope to be guiding somewhere in colorado. But basically I am just trying to break into the business. So anywhere that will take me I will go.
  5. Hello dryfly09, I graduated from CSU. I've spent a few summers in the Poudre. Seeing Ft. Collins on your location is like home coming. Anyway, are you thinking of putting together a marketing pamphlet type resume for your own guiding business? Or are you seeking a job with a guide service company? I'd think the approach would be quite different.
  6. Well dryfly09, if you can catch fish on the Poudre you can probably catch em anywhere.:thumb: Have you talked to the local shops like St. Pete's or Angler's Roost about guiding?
  7. Are you kidding? My 10 year old daughter picked up several rainbows right below Mishiwaka with nymphs in about 1/2 hour last summer. Nothing big, but fast action. Has the Poudre taken a dive?
  8. Well you could take me on a days fishing and i will tell you weather your up for the job or what you need to do, drop me a line i might be able to help.
  9. I am pretty sure that getting licensed in CO is a much more complicated process than in most Western states; it involves apprenticeships, etc. This may only be for guiding out of a boat, but you probably want to check on it.

    And you want to hurry. My shop parks fly shop is not hiring new guides for the coming year, but in the past we have done so in Dec-Feb. If you haven't got a job lined up by the beginning of March, you shouldn't plan on having one. Anybody still hiring in April is someone you don't want to work for.
  10. I see you are in Fort Collins. I guide out of Denver. Email me.

    Tim Harden
  11. Never forget the human-relations aspect of guiding...

    From organized adult baby-sitting to dealing with abusive couples or self-destructing "type-A" ***, you will see it all on the job.

    The big thing to ask yourself is "do I like fishing?"

    if the answer is yes, more than I enjoy holding sandwiches and dispensing years-worth of valuable information to some jerk that will probably crater a pool and blame it on me...then hold off on the resume.

    Anyone can flyfish. Lots of folks can flyfish well enough to be credidible guides.

    Very few can make the guided experience a pleasure no matter what the outcome.

    So...make sure you are a "people-person". And not just a people person to the good-looking, the witty, the intelligent and the kind, but also to the asses and "know-it-alls" and the "we-caught-way-more-last-week-on -the-XXX" people of the world, because they will be on your trip one day.

    My .02 on the biz
  12. GO BACK TO SCHOOL ! just my 2cents
  13. Half-way kidding Wayne. It ain't the Railroad Ranch but the skills you learn on the Cache La Poudre or any home river are the basic skills that catch trout about anywhere. Just trying to give the young man from my town some encouragement.;)

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