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  1. Went out to the Big timber area for a week to train and fish the Yellowstone with some of the best in the Bussiness.I'd highly advise looking into it even if you aren't interested in guideing.I Was taught jet,and drift boat maintenace and knowledge. Casting and flytying clinics,Stream side etymology and food preparation.All the while fishing between Otter creek and Pelican daily.The Hospitality was amazing with plenty of great meals. Beautiful cabins and the scenery along with the wild life was amazing. I had Soo Much fun.Thanks to the Ron Meek,Brad,Joe, and The Vermillion Family at Sweetwater travel.:thumb:
  2. That sounds like an awesome trip. Everyone should get to experience that atleast once. I might have to look into that.
  3. Yeah the funny thing is,I was really looking to go on a vacation but found that the guide school was cheeper than staying in my own hotel,buying my own food, paying for a guide. So I was able to do all that for much cheeper than it would of cost me on my own.And, I learned a ton! I thought I was a great fisherman before I enrolled but, after the school I learned I still have alot to practice.It was an amazing experience.
  4. Looks like you had a great time Thad.
    I went to Sweet Water's web site but couldn't find any info there about a guide school.
    Could you share some of the mundane details with us of your trip?

    Edit: Never mind Thad, I did find what I wanted to know at their travel site :beathead:

  5. I must be dense. What's the school that you went to? Is there a link or place we can find out some more information? Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  6. Sorry Jesse,The school I went to was held by Sweetwater Travel Company who also owns a flyshop in Livingston MT.Their web site is They were involved in the taimen trout recovery program that was on the National Geographic channel.They also just hosted the President for some flyfishing in Mt.I went to the guide school just outside of Big timber on the Yellowstone river.I stayed in an amazing cabin one of a few on a gorgeous plot of land on the banks of the Yellowstone.I arrived on a Satuday and left on a Saturday.We fished daily starting at 8:00 am till about 5:00 from either a driftboat or a jetboat (your choice) there we would go back to our cabins and get ready for a very relaxed school enviroment that lasted a couple of hours while our instructors prepared our dinners.During the day if you were behind the oars or engine you would be taught how to read and run the river, maintence, and common knowledge (we even took the engine apart to learn common replacments and maintenence techniques)And those who weren't rowing were fishing and being taught different fishing techniques.At night the classes were held over a few beers. It was taught by different specialist that included fly tying,knot tying,entimology,CPR,Firstaid,Casting clinics,and shore luch preporation.The students came for many reasons. Some came to work and to be placed into a lodge for guide work,some wanted to indepent contract guide work,Some weren't interested in guideing at all and just wanted to learn boat knowledge,and some like me just wanted a great vacation, and didn't mind being taught a few things along the way.Any how it was a total cost of $2,100 and that included all meals, lodging, instruction, and of course all the fishing was priceless.
  7. Thad, sounds like an awesome program. Thanks for sharing the details with us. I'll be sure to bookmark this and If I can ever get the chance, will jump at the opportunity.
  8. Guide school payed off big time. I'l be working for Brooks lake lodge outside of Dubois, Wyoming. It's in the wind river range.I start this summer. I would recomend Sweetwater travel/guide school to anyone. Feel free to message me with any questions.
  9. Again Guide School has payed off! As of Yesterday I am a new hire for a Resort called "Paws Up" in the Bob Marshall wilderness of Montana. This Resort is an elite destination for people on the hunt for trout by way of Fly. The resort was featured on the "Today Show". I am very lucky to have gotten the Job. My boss Jeremy say that this year he has had the most ever applicants. The interview process was gruling. But, I made it so I'm happy. Again, I have to thank SweetWater guide school. I know Ron Meek one of the instructor put in a good word for me, which lead to me getting the Job. Any one looking into this line of work I would highly recomend SweetWater as a good start.
  10. Good job man! I know the ranch well. You will get lot's of time on the Blackfoot and will be amazed at the client list for the ranch.
  11. Congrats Thad.
  12. Thad, congratulations! The program sounds really interesting whether you want to guide or not, and the price is right.
  13. congrats. but I was looking forward to catching some big browns with you this summer down in wyo! good luck
  14. Hey Charles long time no talkie, heard you had a snow packed winter. Montana's not to far, maybe we can get a chance to meet somewhere in the middle for a fish fest. I'll keep in touch!
  15. nice job Thad. Welcome to a humble, but awsome way of life!
  16. I was glad to be with you when you found out the good news. You need to come up and fish this way. You're always dragging me around. It's my turn. Congrats again, brother.
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