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  1. Does anybody have any info or reccomondations on guided deer hunts in Idaho, Montana or wyoming.
  2. Mule deer or White-tails?
    what size deer are you looking for? what kind of shape are you in?
  3. What does this have to do with fly fishing?;)
  4. Deer hair for muddlers, bombers and dragonfly's...duh.
  5. iagree

  6. An FYI -
    for those of us who hunt as well as fly fish the forum does have a Cast and Blast section -

    For one during the fall I'm constantly torn between grabbing one of my fly rods or the trusty over/under for a day in the field.

    Tight lines

    I've been looking into these guys for an idaho mule deer hunt. the prices are reasonable to good for their drop camp type hunts which is what i want to do. they also have access to good whitetail land in N.E. washington for good prices.
    you should go to the sportsmans show in monroe and talk to some outfitters.
  8. To clear a few things up we are looking mainly for whitetail, but mule deer is a possibility. 1 guide for two hunters. We are not looking for a drop camp but rather a lodge or cabin. I would prefer a river nearby so I could fish on the off days. Thanks for all the great info.

    this is bearpaw's outfitting business in montana for whitetails. like i said i've been looking at them for a s.e. idaho mule deer hunt, and so far i like what i have seen. i have e-mailed back and forth a couple times with mr. denney and i have looked into what other people have said about them on a hunting forum i frequent and have heard good things.
    i've talked to a few people who have hunted with them and they say good things, and i've seen their outfit on tv shows as well. give him a call and see what he has to say.
  10. If you're focused solely on whitetails, I'd highly recommend Tim Linehan at Linehan Outfitters. He specializes in trophy whitetails.

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