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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by smd, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. smd New Member

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    i was thinking about takeing a guided trip to cut the learning curve in half. any recommendations on any guides to try. thanks.
  2. Chris Scoones Administrator

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  3. Big K1 Large Member

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    Mike Kinney would be a great choice also if you want to fish Sauk/Skagit.
    The Deer Creek Guide Company (360) 435-3778. :thumb:
  4. BOBLAWLESS New Member

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    Steve Buckner would be my choice. He is the best guide I have ever used while fishing and he took the time to carefully teach me, step by step, how to spey cast. Great guide. Nice person. You can't go wrong--he has a drift boat that is first class.
    Bob, the Fan of Steve. :thumb:
  5. Rob Bodkin Member

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    I'd have to chime in for Dennis Dickson. I learned so much from that guy and he and his son Mike are great on the river. I've done trips here locally and far afield with him and while I'll probably go with someone else on occasion, if I were to have someone I wanted to learn Steelheading from I can't imagine a guy as great.

    I've used guides all over the place and one of the best things about floating with Dennis and his son is that they are helpful, encouraging and instructive without acting like they are trying to impress you with all that they know. Sometime you'll float with a guide who is very impressed with what he knows and his technique, blah blah blah, that has not been my experience with Dennis.

    Best guiding dollars I've ever spent.

  6. willieboat Member

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    I just returned from a guided trip with Clay Butler on Cook Creek and the Quinault River. Although he seldom fly fishes, he sure knows his rivers.
    Landed a SH and my partner lost one while landing it.

  7. Steelie Mike Active Member

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    Steve Buckner is an excellent guide. I fished with him last September and he not only taught me how to spey cast and read water, but I also caught fish as well. I think I might need to fish with him again this Winter. :thumb:
  8. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Go to the home page and check out the guides that are listed there. Quite a few. You should be able to find one or two in your area.

  9. pwoens Active Member

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    I think Steve and Bob are excellent choices. I have never hired a guide but looking back, it would have been nice to cut that learning curve way down.

    Steve still owes me a trip :p :p :p dog :p :p :p hahaha