Guideline Le Cie 12'6" 8/9 Review

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by James Waggoner, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Good post..

    Concurr on both counts. The little LPXe is very nice. Maybe a touch quicker than the LeCie.. Just back to the old '3 vs 4' again. I prefer a 3pc for local fishing.. quicker to put together and 33.3% less ferrule concerns.

    13'7" 9/10 is kind of a local favorite here. She knows what she wants.. greedily feeding from the low hand. Cut to 'personal fit' heads can take some of that up. It's the only 13'7" LeCie I've cast. From general concensus the 8/9 is a more relaxed blank, mirroring the 14'8" I'm using now.. and loving.

    Anyone reading these posts please keep in mind that these are 'Euro' line class ratings. Euro rods will be happy with a lot less grains than a domestic stick within same/like line class designation. If you knew that already I guess thats a few seconds you'll never get back :D
  2. I have the LeCie 12'6 9/10, lined with matching Powertaper, used for Salmon coastal salmon fresh in from the salt...this rod is a pleasure to fish!
  3. So what skagit matches best with the 13'7 8/9? Was thinking Airflo compact 600'ish
  4. I've been using the Skagit Flight 550 with good results with the 3-piece version.

  5. I fished the 8 a few winters ago and tried the 600. I thought it was way to heavy for what I wanted to do and think the 540 felt a little better.
  6. My 13'7" 9/10 3 pc. likes the 625 Skagit Flight very much. So am guessing the 8/9 would take substantially less.
    The DDC system really rocks on this rod --as to be expected--as well as the Power Tapers. This rod makes you feel very authoritative! :)
  7. 540 huh? I wouldn't have guessed that. Thanks.
  8. The Guideline is based on a Euro based rating system which is roughly equivelent to an american rod one size smaller. With that said, I'd think 480 -540 would be about right for an 8/9, based on my experience with the 7136z, which I use a 480 compact skagit on. Of course it's all about how you like your rod loaded. So with that in mind, if you would load a 7136z with 570 to 600 grns that might be a good starting point.

    I do know that the 8/9 power tapers (cut back to 39') I've been using on my 7136z have worked very well on my new 12'6 8/9 LeCie. I've yet to put the 480 compact skagit on it, as I fail to see the point, since I don't think I'd ever fish the Le Cie as a skagit rod...I've already found my ultimate skagit rod in my 7136z-axis...that's of course if I ever decided to fish a skagit again, I'm just gaga over those Guideline Power Tapers at this point.

  9. Where is K2flyfisher on this thread? I'm worried, somebody better check on him.

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