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    When I see pictures of people that have fished with guides, I see pictures with the guide holding the fish while the client looks like they do not belong and looking out of place. Why are the guides in the picture at all and why are they holding the fish? It seems self-serving for the guide to even be in the picture and especially when they are holding the fish like they own it. If wanted to frame a picture, I certainly would not want the guide in it and me looking out of place.

    I can see issues with safe handling and release but come on, does the guide need to be in the picture?
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    Often the guide tails \ lands the fish. To try to hand the fish off to the client puts the fish at risk.

    But yes, I do see part of it as self promotion as well. Especially when they lean in to join the client getting his pic taken by a buddy, holding up their rod and reel, have the name of the business on their hat, and have their boat with logo as the carefully placed back drop.

    But the client shouldn't really complain. Hiring a guide and then trying to pass off the hero shot as some big accomplishment you did yourself is kinda lame as well.
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    Honestly...most of the time they get the job of holding fish because their clients are not going to do it right to a. get a good picture and b. not hurt/drop/squeeze the fish. Plus, guides work their tail off to put clients into I don't see any harm. If you ask most guides for your own hero shot however, without them in it, I would say any good guide would be more than happy to take a picture of you and your fish.

    Just don't complain if they won't let you unbutton your fish before you take the picture...biggest mistake I see guys make on the water when it comes to pictures.
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    It really seems how comfortable you are... and your guide is
  5. Aaron O'Leary The Theory

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    This this picture :beathead: is the main reason why guides hold the fish in pictures.

    As a guide, this is why I like to hold the fish for the pictures until my clients learn proper fish handling techiques. As the first couple fish get landed, I like to anchor the boat and show them the proper way to hold the fish and release it. Then I have no problem being the photographer.

    From my experience, a lot of times people want the guide in the picture.
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    Ouch, that poor fish!
  7. kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

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    Excellent post and picture!

    And you're absolutely correct. Alot of people do want the guides in the pic, and alot really consider the guide as part of the trip and part of the experience.

    This is Gordie. She absolutely insisted I hold ALL the fish she caught while her husband took the pic. Her husband, Louie, liked to hold his own fish. To each their own.


    (We were fishing reds, not catching any, so we went after the dollies, and she wanted to see the Boga that's why I'm manhandling that fish with a Boga.)


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    Damn Aaron...that picture is unreal. You would think that jamming your thumb into the gills wouldn't occur to anyone as a good idea...even if you are trying to pick up a toothy fish that doesn't have teeth that extend to the gills. I have seen plenty of guys on fishing shows heft their fish by putting one hand behind the gill plate and then another on the tail to lift a large fish...but never seen anybody using this "skewer" technique.

    Probably why I am not a hat is off to you guys for not losing your shiz on clients.
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    I don't let clients hold fish for photos.

    I tell them right off the bat that they aren't going to touch many of the fish they catch. Some folks are a little browned out by that, but if they display the demeanor that shows "Fish safety first, photo op second", then I will let the hold one for a guide-less photo.

    You would be suprised by how hard an amped-up sport can squeeze a humpie when it starts flopping mid-photo. I have seen folks give them headlocks that Jimmy Snuka would have been proud of...

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    My trophy wall isn't just about the kill I also like to remember the boys who tote my footlockers full of necessities for the bush. A kill just isn't complete without a toast of Champagne and a fine meal. I feel that these little bits of civilization I bring to bush not only make my experience there bearable but I also like to think that by showing my aboriginal this type of gracious living I raise them up as well. Thus a photo that includes the guide and porters reminds me of my civic and economic contribution to the native culture as well.

    yrs truly Bwanna
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    This post was meant as a joke right? You can't be serious about the content of your post? :confused:
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    Man....more guide haters around here.

    Seriously, why do people hate guides so much? Makes no sense to me!

    If they want pictures of themselves with their clients holding fish I don't see the big problem..........................especially from a business standpoint.

    Can you really blaim guides for the measly fish runs we have in this day and age?

    I don't think so.

    Better to waste your hate on people who fish with nets. They do a lot more damage than a guide ever could.
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    I always took this as an opportunity to teach people how to properly handle a fish. Learn by doing, with some respectful coaching. I can't think of a legitimate reason that even a novice should not be allowed to handle a fish as long as they have some support and supervision. Seems a bit elitist to think that these people are not capable of handling a fish. IMO sending folks home without learning to properly handle a fish is a missed opportunity.
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    I can't? darn it I never get to do anything anymore. :beathead:
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    You're kidding, right?
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    Not sure if it was a joke or not but I do know Paul employs questionable tactics as herding and surrounding his query. I would not put it past him to toast a catch with good champaign or even cheap champaign for that matter.:thumb:
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    This year I got a good deal on Beaters to thrash the waters and send the fish right too me (and my champagne)
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    :confused: His signiture does say.... "just another Bubba." :beathead: Never quite got that Safari/Hemingway mentality.
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    There are two sides to every coin and the edge just keeps going round and round.
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    Awwwwww how cute. You all have matching hats. :rofl: