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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chk, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. PT Physhicist

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    I'll just photoshop the guide out of the picture that shows me and him holding my 200# Tarpon on the front of the skiff.;)

    Problem solved.
  2. chadk Be the guide...

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    OK, so it's not kinda lame... it's extremely lame.
  3. PT Physhicist

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    Fishing with a guide is lame? And having a picture taken of your catch while on a guided trip is lame? Just curious where that mindset comes from.
  4. chadk Be the guide...

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    Never said either of those. Poor reading comprehension is lame :rofl:

    Guided fishing has it's time and place for some people.

    I said, doing a hero shot without the guide in the pic and taking full credit for the 'accomplishment' as if you did it all yourself is lame. Bragging about fish you caught while being guided is kinda lame. It is what it is. Give props to the guide.
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    Porter on the far right: "Dead cat... Beeg deal... If only dis ting were loaded... I'd show this white devil... And his evil witch woman too!"
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    Im pretty lame. I kinda like most guides. It's a great way to fish effectively without knowing the area. I can see not wanting to do it. But as a guy without a boat, no knowledge of the area, and no knowledge of a species.... why not? Guides have taught me more about casting, and ecosystems, local cltures, fish behavior, and great places to eat and drink than caught me fish. And they have put me how on to a lot of fish.

    As for guides hoping into pictures. Im sure a good number of them do it for promotion. Most don't. Or at least I doubt they do. The good ones I've been with don't seem that way. But I have been around a couple of guides, and have ehard about guides, that were really nothing more than pilots of the boat that strike a pose whenever someone pullls out a camera.

    Peace all.
  7. PT Physhicist

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    Lack of reading comprehension? Most folks that do a guided trip post a report and will also give specifics about whether it was guided or not. If a guide won't let me handle my own 16" brown on the Madison even after asking for him to step out of the picture than that guide is looking for a photo op.
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    Did you honestly think he was serious? Read it again.
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    WFF proving once again that a sense of humor and self deprecation is not the hallmark of internet FF boards.

    Hendersonbay...first round's on me.
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    Isn't it illegal to target dollies? Self professed "man handling" of a dolly? hmmm....
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    iagree iagree iagree
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    Not in Kodiak it's not, which is where I did my guiding.
  13. yuhina Tropical member

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    Please try to reread Chadk's post...(especially the high light part)... you will understand what he said. To me, it is very clear... THE BEHAVIOR that try to TAKE A FULL CREDIT is the whole point here... NOTHING to do with guides...

  14. Jason Baker Member

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    You always make for great entertainment. If you fished anywhere in the world (as in international destinations) or a trip domestically and wanted to float; you'd need a guide to accomplish that, right?

    If you fish the same old rivers and the same old holes, year after year, week after week, you are right; who needs a guide????
  15. Scott Keith Member

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    My wife and I were over in Spokane and decided to go on a guided trip. It was her first time fly-fishing and I wanted to make sure she had a great experience. We went with Tom Loder on the St. Joe and had an awesome time. He went over fish handling with my wife and I have several shots of her holding native cutts, without the guide, and lots of video of Tom helping us bring in some great fish. He even worked the video camera for a bit so we could get some shots of both of us. It was my first, and as of yet only guided trip. We will hire him again in a heartbeat, even though I could work my way back to the holes that we fished.

  16. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    Chad, your attitude is extremely lame. Guides don't do all the work, they simply give advice, provide transportation, and sometimes give some entertainment through stories about bad clients who can't fish but expect that they should be catching big fish because they're with a guide. You've still got to do the hard part yourself. I agree that a good guide deserves props, but having a guide in no way diminishes the value of the catch.
  17. chadk Be the guide...

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    As I have stated, a number of times now, but I'll type slowly this time so you can follow along... I never said hiring a guide is lame in general. They have their time and place for some people.

    But just for fun... "and you wanted to float" well, you really just need a boat for that, right? You can often rent one. :hmmm:

    As for the "same old rivers and same old holes", how about learning a new river. Do you really need a guide to learn a new local river? I don't know, maybe you do...:confused:
  18. chadk Be the guide...

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    In your mind perhaps. In my opinion, nothing beats putting in your time, gaining the experience, figuring out the timing, location, the right fly, presentation, etc etc and being rewarded by a successful trip.

    Again, I have nothing against guides for the most part. I was focused on the hero shot and not giving the guide proper respect for putting the person on the fish in the first place...
  19. Dec Hogan Member

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    Any guide worth his salt would never take FULL credit for their angler hooking a fish. The angler, under the guide's knowledge of the water and conditions coupled with what ever technical advice he or she has given their client, AND THE CLIENT DELIVERING THE PRESENTATION is the cause for success. It's a team effort. Said team deserves a photo, if one is desired at all. But most importantly the safety of the fish is paramount. Which is why the first (and sometimes only) photo taken of a steelhead has me holding it for my sport. I coached the fight and capture, I tailed it, I was an intergral part of the team (my client knows it) and , oh yes, safety for the fish is paramount! The less handling the better. I've held thousands of the ball of muscle that we call steelhead. My client, even the experienced ones, have held far far fewer. I am keenly sensitive to the fact that the client may want a photo with just them and their prize. But more important to them is that they capture it on film at all. By me holding it for that first pic or two insures they will have documentation. After that if the fish is doing well, I will teach my guest how to hold the steelhead, and assist in transferring it to their hands for a quick solo shot. Interesting that out of the zillions of times I've done this, the clients' favorite pictures are those with me holding the fish. The fish looks better -- I know how to hold it correctly. Hence a better represenation of their prize.

    As for not liking guides, yeah we're a pain in the ass clogging up the river, teaching (most of us) river etiquette and lore, expsosing people with deep pockets to the Natural beauty and biology of the river and its diverse, sensitive ecosystem instilling upon them the importance of keeping it in tact. Sometimes we even make them a better angler - personally I'd rather fish around skilled anglers that move than clueless folks who are just occupying space. Everybody desereves a fair shake: we go to school, we get trained for our jobs, we take golf lessons, we get coached in sports, some of you take pottery class etc. What's wrong with hiring the services of a fishing guide? Many folks don't have the time and/or are not geographically living in prime fishing country. And what's more, I have made some incredible everlasting friendships that I would not have had I not been guiding. Hiring a guide is not for everyone, neither is paying to watch a proffesional sports team play ball. It's what makes the world go 'round. Best of luck on the water my friends. Be safe.
  20. Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

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    Catching fish is fun, but everything else is what makes fishing rewarding.

    Fishing with a guide is like sitting down in front of a 200,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and hiring someone to put it together for you. Hero pics on a guided trip is the equivalent of framing and hanging that jigsaw puzzel in your living room.

    I did hire a guide once though. I was simply too busyto fix my boat trailor and didn't feel like rowing anyway.