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    Credit is fine, but 9 out of 10 guides surveyed said they prefer cash for their work.
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    Fish Hunter Too many people, not enough fish

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    I have been guiding for a number of years now and like all guides have been in many photos. As a guide I landed almost all of the fish hooked, I also tie on all of the flies, untangle all of the casting mistakes, fix lunch, point out wildlife and a whole lot more. I have never felt like holding a fish or any part of the service I provide for my clients as self serving. I understand why some have a dislike for guides, even my rear puckers a little when I get aced out by one, but to slam someone for holding a fish for a client makes no sense to me. Here is where I differ. I have hundreds of photos of me holding fish. They really don’t mean much to me any more, but the photos with my fishing buddies/guides in the shot are the ones that bring back the feelings of why I fish. For me fishing is a team sport but then I guess the me generation would not understand that. When I am steelheading with a buddy and they hook a fish I feel a part of it even though I had nothing to do with it. There is a standard progression all fly fishers go through. It starts with numbers and how many. After you get over that stage thing change and the hero shots become memory shots. As Dec says “personally I'd rather fish around skilled anglers that move than clueless folks”. :beer2:
  4. Seriously. iagree Once again, read carefully folks.

    Some people are getting a bit defensive about this.
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    I guess I must have missed something recently where guides weren't being given credit for the fish they helped their clients catch.

    I didn't know that has become such a big issue.:confused: Sorry, my bad. And, yes, it would be pretty lame.
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    As a part time guide, I find this (and the recent tip discussion) interesting. Like Marty, I don't get anything out of looking at photos of me or anyone else holding fish. For one thing, I don't have any trouble remembering large or unusual fish, or the first fish I caught in a new body of water. I can understand an angler wanting a photo if it is a trophy or their kid's first or they are on a special trip. But it seems to me many fly fishers want a picture of every fish they catch. I really don't get that. I like photography that celebrates the sport--Brian O'Keefe's and the photo spreads in Northwest Fly Fishing. But I don't understand why so many folks feel their personal lives must be chronicled on film. I guess it's just the times we live in. When I was working on my new book, I found a Haig-Brown article on the Quinault River from 1958. It was about 3,500 words long (at least twice the length of most magazine pieces these days), and it had one photo, a black and white, not of a fish. A comparable article today would have 8 or 10 glossy photos, as well as computer generated graphs, charts and side bars. But it wouldn't be one fifth as informative as Haig Brown's. Finally, doesn't anyone keep a journal anymore? I find that I can bring back my days afield much more vividly rereading my fishing and hunting journals than looking at photos. They capture the events of the entire day, not just a moment, and they contain information on weather, tides, water temperature etc. that help me be a better angler and hunter. I realize that these thoughts probably peg me as an old guy. Doug Rose
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    I went to MN two weeks ago and slayed'em. My guide tried to hold up my catch for me but his shoulder dislocated so I had to do it myself...we took him to the ER when the bite died down


    My only issue with guides and the people who hire them is when $'s are exchanged people tend to take it all too seriously
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    Please note that while Paul is in fact long arming that fish, it is a side arm. No credit lost there for what is obviously an 800lb class trophy. Further, getting the fish stoned before taking the photo was a great idea as there is no room for discussion on whether it's looking up or down to indicate if it's dead.
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    I was a guide for nearly fifteen years. And, in that time I found myself holding my clients fish for photos fairly often. My reasons for doing so were not to be the hero or to get my face in the photo, but rather to protect the fish. On average ( probably 95% of the time ), most of my clients were very green ( hence the reason for hiring a guide ). Even if they had been fishing for a lot of years, they may only fish once or twice a year and it was usually a big destination trip. They were generally not great anglers ( because they just didn't do it very often ) and usually they didn't handle fish very well. So, in order to prevent unnecessary stress on the fish or to keep them off the bottom of the boat, I was the one in the picture along side the client holding the fish. Besides, it's about the fish, not the individual holding it. My .02 worth.

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    Gawd, not another old fart.
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    Very good Mr Scoones, very good in deed. :thumb:
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    Chad, I can't even begin to imagine what your thought behind that comment was. The Prius? Guides?

    I've used guides in Mexico, Bahamas, and an upcoming trip to Scotland will include them as well. As Alpine mentioned, your comments are silly. When you travel, guides only makes sense and introduce you to the local culture in ways you'd never would have been privileged to find on your own. I can see from your gallery, between pages and pages of beginner tied flies (hint: Fly Tying Forum - NOT MAIN GALLERY) that you are fond of hatchery salmon and lake fishing. No guides needed there for sure. Good job on saving those dollars for egg cure and big truck tires.

    You sleeve shirted friend,

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    I believe that was in reference to a joke I posted about the amount of horsepower in a mans vehicle being directly related to the size of his tallywacker. A Prius is a good thing. That was a compliment. :rofl: Pull the sleves off of a flannel shirt and put on a plastic mesh trucker hat. You will get the joke instantly.

    I don't mind being a copenhagen chewing, truck driving, wisky swilling hillbilly. I like the fact that after a long day of sleeping with my cousins and beating my kids with a folded up piece of cardboard from an empty case of old miliwakis best, that I can walk 100 yards from my rusty doublewide and catch steelhead while eating twinkies and moonpies. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    That joke works for the size of trucktires as well :beer2:
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    Now that was funny! My ego even let me see the humor in it....:beer2:
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    I love that word.:rofl:

    Ohhhh Jeeves! Could you go into the foyer and bring me my tallywacker, my leg itches.
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    who really cares what is in someone else's picture? guide, no guide who cares!
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    I just spit my coffee on my keyboard - thanks for that :eek: :rofl:
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    Actually, if you go back and look, Alpine's comments were the silly one's because he didn't understand that I was not knocking guides. Apparently, you still don't get it either. Perhaps I'm not typing slow enough for you? :confused:

    Jason, you can keep trying to slam my beginner flies and it just isn't holding up (yes, I am a new fly tier. You got me :rofl::rofl:). Try a new angle...

    Oh, wait, now you are knocking the type of fish I target? All the salmon in my pics are almost 95% wild. Not sure why you think they are all hatchery. :confused: Maybe you should have consulted your guide?

    Steelhead in my gallery are about 50/50 hatchery vs wild... My trip pics to mexico last year did involve a guide. But you'll also find lots of pics of SRCs, bulls\dollies, crappie, trout, and lots of other species ranging from salt water, lakes, rivers, beaver ponds, etc. But something different in my gallery vs yours that stands out (besides the fact that I have over twice as many views on mine :cool:), is that my pics aren't about me (and my paid guide) as much as they are about those I fish with - my kids, my wife, my dad, my brother, my good friends, my WFF friends. Lots of “first fish” pics where I get to play guide for the day with someone new to the sport. When I am alone, I generally don't bring the camera along and if I do, I rarely take pics just for the sake of the fish (I do from time to time, but probably 1 out of 100 fish caught).

    PS - check again. The gallery I tend to use for my 'beginner flies' is called "patterns". There are sub categories from there I sometimes use when appropriate. Not sure why you think I use the main gallery for that??

    Are you done with this this pissing contest yet?
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    Good analysis. Even more props go to him for being able to support that beast on his extra skinny ankles...
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    Any time man! :beer2:

    I'm going fishin. No guide this time. I need to save the cash. I found double live Lynard Skynard album set that comes with an authentic piece of crashed helicopter on QVC. Itll look great on my shelf inbetween my Hulk Hogan championship belt replica and my mini big foot monster truck statue. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I'm out. Later guys. YEEEEEE HAWWWWW! :beer2: