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    Many good points here, however I disagree with some of them. I personally see the pictures I take as my journal. I have few pictures of fish or days on the river in which I cannot tell you what time of year, what color fly, temperature, what kind of presentation, water clarity, etc. Some pics are memorable while others are to document the moment/experience. Some get posted here while many do not.

    I personally evolved from an environment of catch kill to catch and release and do not mind taking a few pics instead of taking something home with me. It was not that far in the past when animals, their heads and horns were mounted on walls to decorate and show off a trophy.

    In regards to the great photos that portray the sport, well they say a thousand words. Even the pictures with Brian O'keefe holding up some monster trout in Alaska or a permit he caught on some remote tropical island. They still say a lot about the experience, excitement, joy and beauty of the event. My collection of fly fishing magazines has pictures of him all over the place.

    I have fished with a few guides and I never felt like they took full credit for a fish caught that day. Guides are a valuable resource to our community and if they feel a client cannot hold a fish properly and safely for a picture, then they shouldn't be holding the fish. It is the guide's job to protect the fish just as much as it is to get the client into a fish. Does it stroke their ego if their clients consistantly catch fish, then good for them.
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    Wrong again, all star. I know you weren't knocking guides, but in fact were knocking fish caught with guides as being somehow unworthy of any sense of pride in their capture. Let's face it Chad, I've caught a lot more fish in a lot more situations and locations than you have. Some of those have been guided, but most of them weren't, and I can tell you first hand that I worked a lot harder for most of the fish I caught with guides than I did for the self-guided ones. To write off any fish caught with a guide as unworthy is just flat out bullshit and to say so highlights your ignorance and narrow-mindedness. Like Jason pointed out, there's more to fishing than "incidental" pinks on the Skykomish and crappie from farm ponds.
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    Alpine, the only thing you and jason have in common is that you have sticks so far up your butts you have to actually pay people to fish with you.

    If you didnt' have some sort of guilt complex, you'd clearly see that I NEVER said ANYTHING about those fish caught with the aid of a guide being unworthy. Pull your head out (and the stick) and look again.
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    Seriously? That's all you've got? I know you always have to get in the last word, even when you know you're wrong, but come on, I know you can do better.
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    Once again, wrong about what? Show me where I said any fish caught is (guided or not) is "unworthy"... Can't do it can you? You are creating an argument (and losing it) that does not really exist. :confused:
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    You mean like this?

  7. chadk

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    Exactly :beathead:

    BRAGGING is the key word. Says nothing about the fish and everything about the 'fisherman'.

    You couldn't find the word "unworthy" or anything close to that being used to describe the fish could you?:confused:

    Is this striking too close to home that you feel the need to keep riding this non-argument?
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    Personally I like Mustad hooks but I can't seem to get them in the styles I want so I end up using Daiichi more often.
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    :rofl: Let's hope that is the nail in the coffin on this one.
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    Awesome post! :rofl::rofl:
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    what is the proper way to handle a fish?
  12. kodiaksalmon

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    So that it doesn't die when you release it. Some fish you lip (bass, panfish), some you cradle (trout, bonefish), some you never even get in the boat (sailfish, halibut, tarpon). It's even OK to grab some fish by the gill plate (pike, muskie) if you do it right, though some say you shouldn't. Each fish has it's own techniques. Basically handle them as gently as possible, keep them wet, don't touch them with dry hands, or even more than you have to. Keep them off the ground, out of the dirt, and out of the water for as little as possible.

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    My hero!! OTOH, I was enjoying the friendly banter and I could have used one more TIC post from Paul...
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    Kerry I have hundreds of Mustads left over from the old days, I will take a photo of them with Dec Hogan (my favorite guide) in the shot so you can see what style they are. I will have him hold them just right with me in the back ground looking like I don’t know anything.

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    Boys? Civilization? I really hope this is a joke.
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    After reading my last post in the light of day I can see that it did not come across as intended. Poor form on my part. In all I guess I am dumb struck on how so much time is spent arguing about such trivial subjects on this and other fly fishing sites. I guess it is just human nature and more fun to bash others to build ones ego. Over 2400 views for what? Don’t get me wrong a number of those views were mine. Not sure what I am trying to say, I guess I am just concerned because I am also seeing this same kind of attitude on the river and there is nothing that will destroy a day quicker that a dumb confrontation because of lack of etiquette or a big ego. I will get off my soap box now.

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    It's a minor joke that's only really funny when someone feels compelled to ask...I knew it'd be hilarious here.
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    I think people get confused because the guy in the picture looks so much like you:) Keep 'em coming. Some folks on WFF do have a sense of humor, albeit warped ones.
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    It really doesn't matter if it's him or not. The post was inappropriate and in very poor taste! How would a first time guest to this site know it was a joke when regulars didn't even get the humor (a good hint that it wasn't funny nor was it relayed in a funny way)? This probably isn't the impression Chris would want to leave and certainly could chase off some good folks.

    So just to get this straight, you posted a racially sensitive highlighted with some possible animal cruelty (Do a little search on Leopard hunts. They are usually "canned hunts" that involve penning the animal and drugging it to guarantee the success of the hunt) post with the purposeful intent of getting people pissed off?

    Hey, you're a great member of the site fella.

    Do we really have this kind of BS on the board? What's next weeks humor going to be fellas, some good old funny lynchin' or maybe some rape jokes?

    Dieter, hang your head low. You really are a bubba....:mad:
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    A rabbi and a priest go into a bar...