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    speaking to the original point............ you all know that over the past few years i've worked hard to improve my fish holding skills, just ask bugthrower,
    sometime the flack is warrented, othertimes, there are things you might be missing
    such as the situation not shown in the photo..... even with this pic, looks can be decieving
    such as the net exaggerating the grip on the fish.....

    i can't believe that folks on here still give flack for how you hold the fish, or not holding the fish.....because the guides holding the fish. the fact of the matter is, at least the guy went fishing, caught a nice fish, took a pic and is excited to either share that with us or gosh, even make a report!

    here is a pic of our guide, holding a huge fish my (old) father caught, if my father actually tried to hold this fish, they both would have been either injured or ended up in the river.

    to each his own
    fish to fish as you see fit.
    around here, if you're gonna give flack, be willing to take it!

  2. Zen Piscator

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    I was wondering if someone could explain to me the difference between gel-spun backing and standing backing. Which would be better for my orvis reel?
  3. Now its my turn to ask... Are you serious?
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    Yes, it was a post specifically designed to piss people off. I may have been a little over dramatic, but it's a lowlife post to say the least....

    Let's move on....

    This whole post had controversy written all over it from the start....
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    I don't really think we can jump on the 'animal cruelty' bandwagon without being hypocrites.
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    You need to try decaf:eek:
  7. Its only controversial because you want it to be.
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    Personally I like Mustad hooks but I can't seem to get them in the styles I want so I end up using Daiichi more often.
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  10. Jason Baker

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    I think with over 100 replies and 2,000 views about pictures that other may have found the post somewhat controversial as well?

    Nice try though?
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    It's odd to me that you think my post was designed to piss people off, I just don't see that. Obviously you have something against my hunting of big cats, well I've certainly been subjected to that before, we Old Timey Big Game Hunters are a dying breed. But I really don't get the "low life" reference? I'm living the high life as far as I can tell; you call my hunts canned, well to me they are the finest vintage held in reserve for me to savor at my connivence. My guides and porters find incredible fulfillment just living on the edge of my refined and civilized life. It's a very uplifting experience for us all. Cynthia even has them on our christmas card list, and I know for a fact hey are very proud of this acknowledgment of our connection.

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    The joke is over. Go enjoy a Pabst....
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    I can see your point. As a guide I would be in the photo or out of the photo as my client liked. Usually one with as I have netted or tailed the fish and then I would move out of the way. If the client mishandled the fish I would ask them to be more careful next time and explain the correct ways of handling a fish and minimizing harm to it.

    Most sports want a picture of their quarry with themselves and a guide. That lets everyone know that they can AFFORD to hire a guide. It's status.

    And to the guide who claims he tells clients "you won't be handlin any of the fish" MY reply and most sports would be "fuck you you're fired"
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    Any word on the baking situation? I am all ears.
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    The baking has been great this season. Chocolate chip cookies using the recipe on the back of the Ghiridelli package with a hershey's bar ground into the dough.....yummy!!!
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    Just who is this guy "Craig" anyway? and why does he have a list?
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    I'm the guy that tells most sports they won't be handling fish.

    With over 2000 clients through 30-some systems a year from the outfitter I work for, these fish are stressed enough, and since most of the folks are beginners, this is a good way to decrease mortality.

    For those that can demonstrate proper handling, they can hold fish for photos...those that want to get a quick lesson and some guidance for their photo op ...everyone goes away happy.

    Dunno what all the fuss is about.

    IMHO, and YMMV,
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    hmm, well....If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?

    and... If heat rises, then shouldn't Hell be cold?