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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    From a comic strip I read last week:

    Once again a call for handgun bans ring out from the same people who think banning drugs keeps criminals from getting them.

    <visualize nice bad guys>
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  2. codswallower

    codswallower Member

    Haven't seen anyone calling for handgun bans, just bans on military style weapons and high capacity clips.
  3. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    There are only two problems with firearm ban legislation. First, in order to be effective at measurably reducing crimes committed with guns, it would run afoul of the 2nd Amendment. Second, the legislation that is possible to pass does not measurably affect gun related crime, suggesting that the legislation fails to address both the root and actual cause of said crimes.
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  4. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Ok, just a fire across the bow now. We get political, name calling, etc, I'll start parking ANYONE who starts it. And I mean ANYONE! In fact, may just delete it. These debates NEVER go smoothly, and I've done this a long time, have never seen ONE that has.
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  5. bitterroot

    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    Jerry, firing across the bow just doesn't jive with a gun control thread!:D
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  6. Jeff Sawyer

    Jeff Sawyer Active Member

    What the president can do via executive order is rather limited.

    What is dependent on the house, doesn't stand a chance. They can't order a pizza without sending the country into an economic death spiral over ham or Canadian bacon.
  7. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    It's actually quite appropriate. Takes just as much to shoot one close enough to hear without hitting them as actually hitting them. ;)
  8. gearhead

    gearhead Active Member

    Its just a punt fake, he's putting everything on Congress, while claiming a good photo op, and feel good solutions.
  9. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    Like the concepts he is proposing or not, he has to put everything on congress. Despite what some chicken-littles would have you believe, there is little he can do with executive powers. That's the whole point of having power split between the three branches of govt.
  10. Be Jofus G

    Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

    Has any one seen the actual executive orders yet? I can't seem to find them online in unaltered form. All of this is meaningless until the supreme court rules on each order, correct?
  11. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

  12. Kcahill

    Kcahill Active Member

    I heard they were going to confiscate all firearms so that when the zombie virus that is currently being deployed as a "flu shot" is activated we would have no way to defend ourselves except with sharp sticks and rocks.
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  13. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    I've been watching the educational film called "The Walking Dead", I can just use hatchets and axes, hell even crossbows, to do the trick. Problem solved. ;)
  14. Jeff Sawyer

    Jeff Sawyer Active Member

    Man, I wish they would put a guy on there with a Spey Rod that could drive an intruder thru their eyes at 100 yrds. (Yea I'm kinda pissed at my boss right now).
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  15. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    Hah! I can still keep my Federation phaser and my Klingon disrupter!

    No worries here.

    Seriously, I still believe the problem is a lack of funding (people paying taxes) to keep jails and mental facilities up and running so the lunatics are not wandering the streets looking for zombies or listening to dogs telling them what to do.
  16. scottybs

    scottybs Active Member

    Should rename this thread, "Muzzle Control!"
  17. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    We already have by far the highest incarceration rate in the developed world, so unless we have like 5x or 10x the rate of lunatics versus those other countries (and there is no evidence of that), more people in jail ain't the solution. Our mental health system might be another story, and maybe we do need to take care of our mentally ill better.
  18. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    Mental health for sure and you may want to check with the folks in Springfield, Oregon. They had to let criminals out of jail due to lack of funds and within 2 hours, one of the guys they let go committed a crime.

    True, there a lot of folks in jail who shouldn't be there but when they start letting out the robbers and people locked up for assault charges, there is a problem.
  19. IveofIone

    IveofIone Active Member

    Jerry, do you have a weapon in your arsenal that can kill a mobius loop?
  20. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    All I know is that there is a black helicopter following me around all day, prolly waiting for the chance to usurp my freedom. I just can't figure out if it's the socialists or the UN.
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