Gun Safety and Training advice needed For 686 Onyx 20G

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Tacoma Red, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    I'll be receiving a very nice Beretta 20G 686 Onyx from a friend who recently passed. His wife told me he has willed it to me. A very great guy.

    I'm not experienced with guns and shooting but I'd like to, at least to honor him but I also have been interested in picking up the sport. I'd like to start right and keep it that way and there might be some handguns and rifles that I might buy from her too.

    Could you recommend gun safety classes and training ranges in the Kitsap area, from Bainbridge to Bremerton/Silverdale and North Kitsap that would offer all the proper training?

  2. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    check your local area for a shotgun range, trap or skeet, and they could probably get you started. Most of the time it's easy to get a more seasoned member/shooter to accompany you around the various stations.
  3. Roper Idiot Savant

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    martyg is a forum member here that can help, he's in your neighborhood too...PM him, tell him I threw him under the bus...
  4. Islander Steve

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    Good call Rick, the only club I'm aware of in that area is the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club. I'm sure they have some sort of training but they don't have shotgun facilities.
  5. Bob Rankin Active Member

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    Sorry to hear about your friend but that is a fine shotgun and good on you for wanting to honor him buy putting it to use. There is nothing worse than a firearm that doesn't get used! I wish I could help with a class for you but am not familiar with the area, but gun safety is a greet start.
  6. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    Thanks all. I can see myself shooting just clay targets until perhaps next fall. Could you please recommend reading material for care, maintenance, and use of shotguns or guns in particular? Is there a "Gun Bible"? (no pun intended). Safety first as well as getting a proper gun safe. Do you store your ammunition in your safe with your guns or separately?
  7. constructeur Active Member

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    Hunter safety class that will help you with the basics. Find the class/schedule link for the next class nearest to you. It's best to take this in the Winter or early Spring, the closer you get to hunting season the harder it is to find a class that's open

    After you get comfy with your skills you might enjoy a trip to Sunnydell shooting grounds in Sequim:
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  8. Bob Rankin Active Member

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    Not sure about gun cleaning book but I bet you could download maintenance and cleaning from Beretta web site. As far as ammo storage I keep all mine that will fit in the safe the shotgun shells I keep in a lock box in my reloading bench. The reason for that is they won't fit in the safe, I've got a lot of shotgun shells. I also have kids, so everything is put away. They understand that those are things not to be played with.
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  10. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    Very sorry to hear of your friend's passing, he left your an excellent shotgun. I'm glad to see you're taking the right approach to firearm ownership. You're getting excellent advice, too, all I can add is to insure it is secured to prevent youngsters from accessing it or it being stolen.

    The shotgun shooting aports are great fun and you'll meet some great folks at the ranges. Good luck with your intrduction to shooting.
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  12. martyg Active Member

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    OK Roper - maybe not a bus but a sub-compact car...

    Check out the Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club. They are super active.

    I think that the drill these days is when you join you have to take a gun safety program. So for maybe $75 in membership you get the course and discounts on range time. I forget what it is on trap and clay, but for handgun it is (was) $1 a session for members.
  13. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    Thanks all very much.

    Here are the additional guns I'll be purchasing from her:
    Ruger M77 30-06
    Ruger Mini-14
    Winchester Model 94
    Huglu O/U 20 GA
    Springfield M1A
    Older Sears and Roebuck 20 GA
    Winchester Model 69
    S&W 1076 10mm
    Astra A-75
  14. Rick Todd Active Member

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    +1 on Sunnydell-it's like Disneyland for the shotgunner! Rick
  15. TheShadKing Will Fish For Food

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    There's a shotgun range on Vashon. Or maybe there's two, because I don't think this is the one I went to:

    Anyway, I don't know if Vashon works but if if it does I certainly can put you in touch with a serious skeet shooter on the island.

  16. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Man oh man, I'd love to have an M-14 in my hands again! Huglu makes some nice guns, too. Their wood can be very good, or only mediocre, depending on the gun, but the action is solid.
  17. EHB86 Member

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    The Poulsbo Sportsman's Club and Bainbridge Island Sportsman's Club both offer Hunter Safety and various shotgun and handgun safety and instruction classes.

    You can shoot at the PSC range on Clear Creek Road seven days a week, non members pay eight or ten bucks I think. They've got ranges from 15 to 100 yards +. Great place to shoot. They also have a trap range.

    Bainbridge is good too, but the Poulsbo Club range is open more.