Gunsmithing Screwdrivers?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Mark Walker, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Anyone recommend a DECENT set of these under $100? Doesn't need to be the 100,000 peice set either................
  2. Search Brownell's on-line, Mark. they have a wide selection & they sell good tools.
  3. X2 Brownells. Can pick up a basic set for all needs for under $90
  4. Thanks for the input gentlemen. I had looked at the Brownells, but my main project would be reels as opposed to firearms and they are a bit pricey although undoubtedly top quality drivers.
    Won't be that often, either.
    Second choice would be?
  5. I have a set of watch makers screw drivers. Most likely from Harbor Freight. Works for me.
  6. Try
  7. +1 here with Jim. Cost of a set of six is 'Peanuts.'
  8. I have a set from Wheeler... Not expensivse, but works great.
  9. I got a set from Midway, around $30 I think. A good set of drivers is important to protect the screws if you care about that. Good steel, plenty of sizes to fit the screw perfect. I never thought it but when I started tinkering on my 1911's and riffles I quicly realized how much a good set of drivers is worth on the work bench. Then when I started messing with tuning my bass reels they came in handy too, especially on the customs that you don't want F'd up looking screws on.

    Other places to look for good quality drivers is at R/C hobby shops. They use alot of aluminum screws on the cars so precision drivers are used alot. I have a few allen wrenches(tool steel bit and a machined alum. handle) from when I played with r/c trucks, easily my favorit allens in the tool box.

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