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    Hey guy's a little help please... one of my nephews was learning about sharks in school and he said it would be cool to catch one, so I said no problem... we got some bait and headed over to Fox Island and caught about 25 dog fish...easy to catch and a lot of fun for the kids. Any way... we drug up something from the bottom and I'm not sure what it was..maybe some kind of sea cucumber ? Maybe some of you guys that have fished the salt a lot can help with an identification.... ( hope I uploaded these pics ok)
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    It's the prolapsed rectum of a dog shark. No joke. I hope you didn't touch it too much!
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    It is a sea pen, a relative of corals and sea anemones. Normally, the balloon-like part (the end toward your finger tips in the third picture) is buried in soft sediment. The animal inflates its body and extends out the page-like parts which are lined with feeding structures (polyps). The tentacles on the polyps capture small zooplankton for dinner.

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    Cabezon.. thanks for the quick answer.. we snaged of off the bottom in about 100 ft of water..kind of neat that somthing that lives on the bottom in that dark of enviroment can be that bright in color....