Ha, Ha, Ha. It's friggen snowing.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. It's been coming down for about 4 hours now. The temp is 24 degrees. Yesterday it was a balmy 60 degrees. It's to windy and white out to think of going fishing. But that thought entered my head.

    The flakes are to small to get to deep. They are about the size of the tip of a pin. But it is fun to drive in.
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  2. Well, it is almost November.... that's just a tid-bit of what is coming down the pike. Find your snow shovel...
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  3. KEEP IT, JIM!
  4. Sunny & warm(ish) here. Enjoy your solitude & run up your posts. Some are gaining on you.
  5. What, Me worry. Ha, ha, ah.
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  6. My brother was just over there for the Griz game. Sent pics, what a beautiful day Saturday. How quickly it can change near the mountains. Speaking of which, hasn't it been snowing up in the mountains though?
  7. That snow in the mountains in November is what keeps the fish alive in the lowland rivers in July. COME ON SNOW, SNOW ON JIM.
  8. Hell by July there is no snow left anyplace. This is Montana and the snow don't pile up like it does in your state. That is it doesn't in my area.
  9. Hey old man,

    Cool that you are getting fluffy snow. I like driving in it, also. Way better than the cascade concrete we get here on the wet side of the state.

    What is the elevation of Dillon? What is the terrain like there? Are there sagebrush or pine? Is it similar to ?
  10. Weather reports already?
  11. We sit at just about 5100 feet. We don't have many Pine trees unless you count the ones that are planted here. It's mostly Cottonwoods trees that are here and lots of small willows lining the Skinny water. And lots of Sage brush on all the close in hills. Drier than hell in the summer time. Cold and dry in the winter time. Which runs as long as 9 months some years. And 4 months of summer. Spring and Fall are sometimes here but not always.
  12. We got some nice frost here in Independence Or. There is not a cloud in the sky this morning.
  13. What a bummer! Here it is in the low 80's, water temp around 79, clear and sunny with a 10 kt wind out of the NW.

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  14. i heard the word "freezing" down here.....

    last week when the morning temp hit 62.
  15. I hate you guys with all of your palm trees and warm temps.

    Down size of all that is how is the steelhead fishing?
    betcha you can't freeze your gonads in some cold river.
    HA HA!
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  16. That happens as well......

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  17. what's cold water? even the tap water is lukewarm :)

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