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  1. One of my latest creations. Hair-o-the-Dog Lab Leech. Glass beadhead, Canadian leech yarn and hair from my chocolate lab, Roy.

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  2. Jeff, let me know if you want some longer material. I have a aussie and a sheltie. Talk about some long hair.
  3. Cool fly but my lab would growl at me just bringing the scissors close to her.:))
  4. Love the Name?
  5. Cool,

    I've a big black lab whose tail hair has me wondering re a nice overwing for streamers and salty flies. The missus just got a new Habanese and it's fur is really nice and puffy/fluffy in black, cream and light brown. If you see a lady walking a dog in Ballard looking like it came out 2nd in a fight with'll know I've knocked up some nice leaches for the coming Spring :thumb:

  6. the fur my lab mix sheds makes an ok seal sub dubbing
  7. When I had my Yellow lab, when the bastard was shedding (all the time) I would gather hand fulls from his back legs , great dubbing material. By the way jeff good looking leech and great name. I called mine Bart bugs after him. He's gone unforunately but I still have a zip lock baggy full of his fur.
  8. My German Shepherd, Gus, is also shedding pillow cases full of good dubbing material. Does anybody want some?

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