Hairwing swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by D3Smartie, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. When i come home, i either fish with a buddy of mine on the cow and the satsop, but when i am staying with my family i fish the nooksack. it doesn't really matter to me. if you tied up a fly that you said works best in new york then that would be an excuse to take a road trip. like i said it doesn't matter, whatever i get i will use on whichever river i am fishing at the time. thanks again. hopefully there will be a fair amount of steelhead in the rivers in december. i know that when i did live in washington december was usually a little early for the rivers i fished.
  2. thats a little early but there should be some fish in the rivers then. I like my winter steelheading in late jan, feb and ealry march.
  3. Feb. also seemed to be prime time, but beggers can't be choosers. i'll take what i can get.
  4. I'm doing the Polar Shrimp. Will tie in OP size (probably a 1/0). Gotta tie up a bunch for my steelhead box anyways (and another swap). Might as well do them all the same and at once while I got the materials out. LOL.
  5. :thumb: sounds good Jerry.
  6. Done

    Well I have 10 Lum Plums ready to be "shipped out". I'll mail them out here in a day or two...I hope we are still sitting at 10 flies, I started to get confused on the number.
    If there is more let me know and I'll tye'em
  7. I think we only have 8 people so you can send them all and i'll tie up a couple more for you so that you get the right amount back or you can just keep the extras.
    Thank you for the quick work scott.
    I look forward to seeing the flies.
  8. Don't worry about it. Just keep my two extra. No biggie.
  9. yeah just keep what ever is left over...
  10. I also told you the same in a previous post or p.m.
  11. mike- got your flies. Thank you. They look great.
  12. I hope they didn't get to beat up.
  13. not at all. they look great
  14. Heh there D3 I've just mailed mine today...
  15. tomorrow

    Mine are going out tomorrow!
  16. sounds good guys. :beer2:
  17. My flies are in flight. The chorus girl is named after the materials used to tie the pattern as they are what every chorus girl dreams of, silk, gold, and mink.

  18. Just finished the last fly, Gold Demons will be winging their way to you in Mondays mail.

  19. Mine went out Friday. So should've got either Saturday, or will get on Monday. Keep the extra polar shrimps. :beer2:
  20. I'm a Baaaaaad boy

    Okay, I slacked off and went fishing on Monday instead of mailing the flies. Also grabbed an opportunity to fish Tuesday, so I didn't mail the flies until today.

    As I was packing them up, I said to myself, "Self, these don't look like either gold or black demons!" As usual, Self was right on the money. I sort of mixed up two patterns that use similar materials. They looked pretty fishy though so I made a couple extras. After mailing off the swap flies I went down to the Nisqually and had several Cutts jump all over these mixed up flies.

    The recipe is on the toe tag, so enjoy.


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