Hairwing swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by D3Smartie, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. I sent you a pm
  2. i've got a camera but my skills with it are lacking. Especially for the close up shots that flies require. I can try to get some good ones though.
  3. If the flies ever get shipped I will do the images. I am very good at it actually. Will provide everyone with a link to download any images they want if that is of interest.

  4. OK guys all the flies went out today. They are all great. :thumb: Thank you for the hard work and great flies that were turned in. I wish we could have had some more people in the swap.
    I enclosed a random extra fly in each box that i tied for atlantics earlier this year. Just another simple pattern but effective ones.
    Thank you all.
    I am going to try to get a picture now of all the flies but like i said my skills with the digital and micro stuff are not up to par.

    p.s. I feel guilty with all the extra flies that you guys sent in so I was hoping it would be ok if I put the extras, or one of each extra in a nice box and donate it to a good cause for an auction or something similar. When we do these swaps for atlantic salmon flies many time there is an extra fly tied for this purpose. If it is alright with you I would like to do this, I can include your name or if you wish just say it wasa group from
  5. A donation for a charity would be fine by me. Also no names please, just a WFF group sounds good.

  6. Thank you for hosting the swap. Having done it a number of times I realize how much work is involved.

    Donating the extra flies is fine by me, though I would also feel just fine if you kept them for your own fishing. If you donate them I would prefer they be donated by the group.

  7. Ditto
  8. Received the swap flies today. Thank you REE for providing a toe tag. Unfortunately, only you and I did that so I don't know who tied which fly :confused:

    I will photograph the flies and if folks would let me know which fly they tied, name of fly and general description to allow identification, I will post the results. :cool:

  9. mine is the blackghost....
    Here is the picture of it.
  10. Donate to a charity, that'd be fine with me too. It's what I do with all my extra swap flies.
  11. Got my box of surprises today. Nicely done everyone. Those are some sweet looking flies. Can't wait to make a few copies and get on the water with them. Like Halcyon, I like to know who tied what fly. Witih so many well tied flies it's just nice to know .

    Thanks to everyone for your efforts and to D3Smartie for hosting.

  12. I tied the coquihalla orange. the one with the black ostrich herl butt. i'll provide the recipe on the pic., somebody said they were going to post pics i believe.
  13. so who's doing the pics?
  14. I offered to do the digital images. I plan on doing them this week. Didn't know if anyone was really interested as I got no response to my offer. I did figure out who belongs to which fly I believe.

  15. if you could that would be great, i had mine sent to washington so i won't see them for a couple of more weeks.
  16. Hal,

    I, for one, would like to see the flys posted in the gallery. Appreciate your offer.

  17. Folks,
    Here are the images of the flies in the recent Hairwing Swap. If I could figure out how to use the gallery I could put them there with captions :hmmm:

  18. thank you very much for doing that. Did you do that with a scanner?
  19. The images were shot with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 as high resolution TIFF images and converted to low resolution jpg images 1/2 original size using Photoshop 7.

  20. I can through them in the gallery as soon as it comes back on line if nobody beats me to it.

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