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  1. Kind of a add on to the recent ling posts as well as the post regarding sockeye.
    Has anyone ever tied flyfishing for halibut in the sound?
    I know they do so in California, though most I've seen look pretty small.
    The reason I ask is due to a photo a co-worker showed me yesterday. His buddy got a chicken haibut on gear last Saturday in MA 9 in a little over 40' of water.
    At that water depth it seems very possible with fly gear. Anyone ever give it a try?
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  2. Lots of us do it down here in So-Cal. California halibut is a different species and much smaller

    Clousers and squid type flies work well. I'd imagine they'd work for REAL halibut too
  3. Stilly,
    Thanks for the info. I thought they might be a different species, but I wasn't sure. I thought maybe they just didn't grow as large being inshore and that far south.
    Throw up some pics of you get a chance of some fish you caught down south.
    Have you caught any Corbina?
  4. I remember watching this a few years ago, it's kind of like jigging with a fly rod.

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  5. Saw a Utube of a guy landing a 155lb halibut on a fly using 20 lb. Maxama.
    Richard Stoll told me about the Chicken Halibut and that they could be caught on a fly. What he failed to do was tell me where the hole is that they flock up.
  6. Here's one I caught on the fly in the San Diego bay last month:

  7. the San Diego halibut bite is going STRONG right now, theyre all stacked up spawining in shallow water. PERFECT for 6-8WT set ups and shooting sinking heads
  8. Darryl,
    A halibut it is.....
  9. I once caught a 50 lb. halibut at Neah Bay, using salmon mooching tackle. It took about 45 minutes to get it up to the surface. After about 10 minutes, the excitement was gone & it was more like winching in something. My boat mates grew impatient. The fish did taste great.

    The small flounder are fun on a fly rod, but you really need appropriate tackle for a fish like this. I think you'd be out-gunned with anything less than a 12 or 14 wt.
  10. Dug the vid, watched it with the kids. I like how he put a pretty hefty jig on the end of that line. :D. The purist would freak in some of the other forums and start a 4000 page thread about whether that real fly fishing or not! :D. Me otoh I'm good with all that. I just love to fish period! Heck, I'd throw a bead on top of that for good measure, just so I could post about it :D
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  11. i lived in SD (La Jolla, Carlsbad) for 15 years. Lots of halibut....but never on a fly rod. free diving with me Hawaiian sling or my Biller gun :) . Few things better than fresh halibut you catch yourself!
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  12. I agree, with the depths that I gear fish for halis ya never know how big they are till you see color near the surface.
    Most times the hali goes ballistic once breaking the surface then the gear is put to the breaking point, let alone a fly rod that is out gunned
  13. You don't need to be a purist to figure that one out. ;)
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  14. its great here because they often hang in shallow, sandy bays. AN 8wt is my preferred rod for these little guys, but a lot of people use 6wts and do great. BONUS!!!! Here you can catch BONEFISH while you are halibut fishing.
    If I had to pick only 1 halibut fly I think Id tie a Chartreuse/white Squidro type fly.
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  15. Would be tough to pull off in WA with our short halibut seasons not really overlapping the salmon runs, but I've heard from family in AK that it's not as hard as one might think. And not by bullsh*t jigging with a fly rod either.

    The 'butts will move onto shallow (up to 30' or so) sandbars and banks off the river mouths to ambush schools of salmon on the incoming tide. 12 or 14 wt, extra heavy coldwater sinking line, huge horse-herring flies and 300 yards of backing. No loop to loop connections.

    We C & R'd two chicken halibut in around 50 ft of water off Wadda Island and south of Tatoosh last July gear fishing for kings. I'd say halibut on the fly is at least possible in WA, if not easy.
  16. Stonefish
    I have not seen Wolverine on the forum in quite some time, and that is too bad because he has a wealth of knowledge. He also lands a handful of halibut off the beach each year, on Whidbey.

    I do know halibut will belly into the shallows in parts of Admiralty Bay. Requires tenacity and falls square in the middle of prime lake fishing and shrimp season. In addition, I am a professional grass cutter for the people on my street. I just have not made the time required to tackle this project, but thanks to Wolve4ine, I know it is possible!
  17. I got about 6 flounder today at a North sound beach does that count as 1 halibut?
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  18. Catching flounder in Puget Sund just tells you that you're close to the bottom.
  19. I was fishing in knee deep water
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