Hancock Timber & North Fork Snoqualmie

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  1. Jay Burman Experienced Ne'r do well and Layabout.

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    How close can you drive to Klaus Lake? I am wondering how far I will need to drag my pontoon boat. Also, is the bass fishing worthwhile?
  2. Darryl Pahl Active Member

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    I'd say that unless you are used to dragging your pontoon boat for more than a mile, it would be too far. I've caught bass there, but I wouldn't say it was a great bass lake - more of a pleasant surprise to catch one. The one time I did actively target bass of course I didn't catch any.
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    For those who has access, what is the place like? Are there pretty active security patrols? Active logging? How are the roads?

    Reason I ask is because I don't have a AWD, and also want to make sure it is not a place where random crazies go target practice or hole up for the armageddon :)
  4. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    The Hancock Snoqualmie Tree Farm is roughly 100,000 acres and is completely gated to prohibit random public access. Permit holders are given a key, a window decal and a map that allows them access to a huge maze of logging roads through the two locked gates at Spur Ten.

    HRM has it's own security staff and additionally contracts with WDFW so the area is regularly patrolled and HRM and state regs are strictly enforced. Shooting is permitted only during statewide hunting seasons. No target shooting is allowed.

    The farm is indeed an active logging operation, so those activites take precedence over any other use. In general, the roads are in much better shape than county or USFS roads. 4wd is not required but a pickup or high-clearance van makes the best sense.

  5. wlai Member

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    Thanks Kent!
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  6. BaldBob Member

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    I'm a little confused. I am not familiar with the area, so don't know where the gates are from their description. In looking at their vicinity map, the road up the N. fork is labeled County road. Is that just its name, or is it truly a county road, and if it is and they have blocked access to it, under what authority have they done so?
  7. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    It is a county road and it's not blocked. However, the land on either side of it for quite a ways belongs to Hancock and is posted against trespassing if you are not a permit holder. The main spur roads off the county road are gated and require the key you get with the pass. The 'Spur 10' gate is the most well known.

    Once you get past the Hancock land, you can legally access the river.
  8. BaldBob Member

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    So, if someone wanted to fish that portion of the N. Fk adjacent to the county road on Hancock land, could they legally do so with just a non-motorized pass? - and is there decent fishing water in that stretch?
  9. rory Go Outside

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    Anyone want to fish somewhere in Hancock on Thursday?
  10. Darryl Pahl Active Member

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    I have a pass and have fished up and down from the bridge. While doing so I saw what I believe was the Hancock security pickup on the bridge and someone was scoping me with binoculars. Not entirely sure, and nothing became of it because I was parked inside the property, not on the country road. I'm sure there is some sort of public right of way at the bridge. 10"? 25"? It would be a long bumpy drive to fish 20" of water.

    Fishing was typical of mountain streams - several 6"-8" cutthroat to hand - similar to many public portions of the three forks.

    You can buy a 1-day non-motorized permit and legally explore as much as you want on foot or bike. You just can't ride in a vehicle. I think it's $8 per day, and certainly worth it just to be legit. Keep one copy on you, and one copy on the dash of your vehicle.