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    As much as it pains me, the time has come to sell my hand wooden drift boat. I built this boat from a set of Montana Boat Builders plans 2 years ago. This was built from scratch, it is not a kit boat but was modeled after a 15' "Classic" model that you can view here: http://cajuneboats.squarespace.com/boats/drift-boats/.

    The boat was built using a stitch-and-glue method, I used System Three epoxy & fiberglass, the highest quality marine grade plywood for the sides and bottom and all interior finish pieces were fashioned from rough cut white oak, ash and mahogany. The interior sidewalls were clear coated to show the natural mahogany. The bottom was built with extra layers of fiberglass over 1/2" fir and coated with a durable rubber "rhino liner" material.

    The boat is in great shape and has 3 rope seats (they don't swivel, but are surprisingly comfortable), gear trays for the guide and front seats, front stripping basket, anchor system, and wood knee locks for the front and rear fishing positions. A trailer is included with new waterproof lights, a spare tire, heavy duty winch and is currently registered in Washington. I will also include a set of wooden oars, and a handful of miscellaneous materials (paint, rhino liner for bottom, epoxy, etc) for any future touch up that may be needed.

    I built this boat when I was still living in Montana and just don't use it enough anymore to justify keeping it. This is a perfect boat for the Yakima and has floated other local rivers including the Skykomish and Green. I wanted to post it first here to make sure it goes to a good home - after a week or so I may resort to craigslist.

    Asking $6000 OBO

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    Awesome looking boat.
  3. bigdood

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    Love it, good luck w/ the sale
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    Very nice work. I can imagine it must be difficult to let this one go. Montana boats(design) are the best looking boats on the water.
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    Very, very nice...
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    That boat is gorgeous. Best of luck with the sale
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    its a doozy!
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  9. 406Jake

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    Thanks for the compliments fella's. Makes me not want to part with it.