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    You've got to let the meth head within about 10'-15' for that to happen. I'd question that judgement. A police study showed that a knife wielding assailant can close a 20' space and stab within 1.5 seconds. That's faster than most can draw and fire from an exposed holster. Now try doing that from a concealed holster. Same goes for pepper spray or bear spray in one of those nylon "holsters" that are sold. Bottom line is be aware of your surroundings because if an assailant, human or otherwise, gets within 20-30 feet of you your choices are very limited and not at all good.
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    Your head should be your first defense, be alert to your surroundings, don't become complacent. Training is key, in a stressful situation people revert to habits (good and bad) learned in training. Put yourself into certain situations before they happen so you don't have to think about what actions to take.

    There is a great book called "The Best Defense", about real people who defended themselves and others with firearms. There are even stories of people who were anti-firearms and are only alive today because of one. It answers the question, "why do you need a gun"?
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    This was a pretty widely distributed story about an angler that was attacked by a cougar on the Kalama.


    Here is some information on bear and cougar attacks in WA.

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    I know this is an old thread, but thought I would respond. I am a LEO and issued an H&K USP compact .40 for duty. I trust and rely on the gun, but would not purchase one for the purposes the original poster wants it for. If you want a gun you can pull out of saltwater and go bang, get a Glock.
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    Lots of good advice out there, some not so good.
    I carry a great revolver, the Taurus M444. It is a titanium frame .44 mag, steel chamber and barrel liner. With a 4" barrel it weighs in at 29oz unloaded, which is less than a quart of water (32oz plus the bottle). It is also reasonably accurate, not like a rifle, but good for a 4" barrel handgun.
    It has a great grip that makes it one of the nicer .44s to shoot. I've shot Airlites and Mountain lites (S&W), Ruger Blackhawks, and a host of others and I can say the Taurus if more manageable with its energy absorbing grip. Of course, grips can be changed on most side arms.
    If recoil bothers you, shoot .44 special rounds. They still have more energy than a .38 or a .40

    For the woods and mountains I'd go .44 unless you are trying to conceal it, then that is a different situation alltogether and you're not really worried about cougar or bear then, are you?
    That's m' story and I am sticking to it.
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    Hmm...no mention of a 10mm? Too bad! It's a terrific round...outperforms the .357, and its weapons are available in much higher capacities than any wheelgun. Plus, you can slide on a Streamlight or Surefire light--pretty comforting when you've got to check out that noise outside your tent at 3AM. A Glock 20 and 15 rounds of DoubleTap will give all but maybe three North American foes (offhand, I'd say large coastal bears, sharks, and germs) a really, REALLY bad day. Think about it as a system: weapon, ammo, mag capacity, illumination options, portability, reliability, field serviceability, etc. The 10mm round offers, in my opinion, the best system capabilities and, therefore, the best odds at protecting my skinny arse when I'm most needing clean breeches.

    For what it's worth, I bet my life on 10mm every weekend and during vacations too.

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