Hansen's Hard as Nails - Pro vs Cons

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Kaiserman, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Are there any "cons" to using this stuff for chromies? I've heard just a couple things, like bubbles, "non natural gloss/shiny finish" look...

    Has anyone noticed a difference? <- Glossed bugs verses not. Seems like it would be tough to determine anyway. I mean you'd practically have to sit out there for hours fishing both.

    Just asking, thanks
  2. I use it on my chironomid bodies as it saves them from being unraveled.
  3. I have not noticed a difference. For durability, and a somewhat natural presentation, I wrap my bodies with clear scud backing. I have spent hours fishing the different patterns.
  4. How long does it take the smell to go away? Last week I put Sally Hansons on about 10 chironomids. I did it out in the shop and used the same mask I use for spraying isocyanate based materials. When I removed the mask the odor was very strong in the shop and I left thinking that in a few days it would be gone. Today I picked up the cronies and brought them inside and noticed that they still smelled pretty strong.

    I'll stick with my water based stuff that has no odor. If a steelhead can smell his native stream from somewhere in the north Pacific it stands to reason that a trout can smell Sally Hansons from a foot or so away. Or is it an attractant?

  5. I wonder why they don't sell facemasks in the nail polish aisle, millions of women are exposing themselves to dangerous toxins everyday, don't they know they're going to get cancer!
  6. Put anise oil in your head cement...

    The smell of SHAN may just mask the body's scent.
  7. Love the stuff. Can't remember when the last time was I bought a bottle of head cement.
    Also like the new UV cures. I've never worried about the odor of either.
    I recommend WD-40 rather then anise ;)
  8. While I don't tie too many chironomids, I would think it is ok to use and I wouldn't be overly concerned about the shine. Take one of your glossy Sally Hansen chironomids and put it in a glass of water. I think you will see that the gloss is not so apparent and disappears somewhat.
    Fish are "glossy" and have that "wet look" when out of the water but not in the water.

    The SHHAN makes for a great head varnish.I have never finished a bottle because it starts to get thick after I use about 75% of the bottle. So, I just get another one. Most recently, in the local Fred Meyer and Wal Mart, the clear SHHAN was sold out. Popular product.
    As far as smell goes, I rub a herring on all my flies just prior to fishing so I am not too concerned about the smell.;)
  9. Scud backing rules!!! Midge/micro tubing is killer too!
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  10. "...rub a Herring". Love it.
  11. Pat Lat-based on your previous comments and this most recent rather snarky one on cancer it would appear that the idea of women getting cancer is kind of a joke to you. Millions of women do get cancer and I can assure you it is no joke. I have been in an oncology lab every week since July and about 80% of the people in there are women in various stages of a grave disease. The cost is astronomical-think $4,000-10,000 a week depending on treatment-for at least a year.

    Anything-anything anyone can do to lower their exposure to carcinogens and protect themselves from the horror of this disease should be taken very seriously.

    Obviously no one you know or love has been down this road yet. If it happens-and for your sake I hope it doesn't-you will be singing a far different tune than you are now.

  12. I agree with some others that the polish covering chironomid bodies is a great idea to keep them from coming undone, but probably wont be noticed by the fish.
    I know Ira has said in previous threads that there is a stage of emergence where mids have a shiny gas filled body, but to imitate that you might need more of a tinsel body coated with a thicker epoxy

    Ive, my intent was not to offend, but rather I just think the image of you sitting down at your tying bench with a mask to use sally hansens, when millions of women have been using nail polish most of their life without issue (unless you think breast or ovarian cancer, two of the major cancers to affect women, are due to nail polish). it seems excessive to say the least. By all means keep wearing your protection, but recommending that people stay away from nail polish because of the cancer causing fumes is ridiculous.
    All that other stuff you wrote I kinda skimmed over as you obviously know nothing about me, just as I don't know anything about you. Sorry if you were offended.
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  13. You handled that very well.
  14. Love it. I practically bathe my clousers in it. I've gone thru three and a half bottles since September.
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  15. saw this a while back. chick drinks multiple bottles a day. I do not recommend doing this, although she's made it 5 years with just liver damage, seems like she should be dead by now.
  16. the smell alone steers me away from it.
  17. Has anyone tried these SHHAN products? I'm experimenting with them. Not yet sure if I like or not. I bought them when stores were out of the regular SHHAN.
    Jack IMG_1755.jpeg
  18. I stopped using it because of the smell. Couldn't help but think it must put fish off when you open a fly box and get the strong scent of the oliphatic solvents still releasing from the material.
    The only reason its not banned for use is because of the package size. If you value your brain cells - don't use it.
  19. This is the stuff I`ve been using for a few years now .It NEVER dries out in the bottle . It looks like , and has the same consistency as milk when wet - but dries clear . It will not discolor materials , nor will it yellow over time . And it has a handy/dandy hole in the lid perfect for inserting dubbing needles . It`s also odorless , if that`s important to you . It`s also available in different finishes . And it`s cheap .

    The only downside to this stuff vs. Sallys , is that the Delta takes a bit longer to dry , but I`m pretty sure that`s why God invented drying wheels .

  20. shucks, I just use the black version and it makes the heads on my steelhead flies look great!

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