Hansen's Hard as Nails - Pro vs Cons

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Kaiserman, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I have used SHHN off and on for years but more recently I have been using a UV product Solarez thin-hard. It's AWSOME and never dries out or needs thined.
  2. I ended up at this thread after doing a search on "sally"...while looking for info on yellow sally imitations. What I've found here really has changed my opinion of a couple of you guys.
    Pat...first you take a shot at Ive, ridiculing him because he chose to wear a mask. Then you later try to say that your intent "was not meant to offend"...before continuing to tell him what a fool you think he is. My question is, why comment at all on his choice to wear the mask? What purpose did it serve? At the very least, you come across as quite ignorant here. Do a google search on nail polish fumes.
    Andrew (edit for correction...Alexander)...you're trying too hard. Go back and read the thread. Did you really want to be Pat's cheerleader in this case? You blew it. You should have simply ask Pat to show you his favorite fishing beaches. The worst that could have happened is that he'd have said, "no".
    Finally, to borrow a line from Pat.... my intent was not meant to offend...
  3. So do you or don't you like sally hansens?
    Please try to understand that I was laughing not at someone, but at something. I simply think it is ironic that on one hand, a person is wearing a respirator to coat the heads on a few flies . And on the other hand we have a product that is often bought by parents for pre pubescant girls to repeatedly slather on their hands. C'Mon now its not like working in a body shop. Trace exposure apparently isn't even dangerous enough to list a warning on the label...no offense by the way ;)

    Who's Andrew?
  4. I used to use Sally's, but it would yellow in time, slow to dry and stunk. I am completely hooked on the CCG UV products now for anything that needs that type of head or shellback. I also heard the loon stuff was good. I also coat my chironomids body for durability, plus I find they sink a bit quicker, which I prefer. I also use them on my Coho streamer bodies for durability.

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